The Best Summer Giveaway – $200 Cash, Visa Gift Card, or Toys R Us Gift Card – ends 7/15s

This is a giveaway organized by us. We were not compensated for this posting.

Summer is upon us!!! That means we’ll be traveling, going on vacations, enjoying outdoor activities such as swimming, the beach, boating, and much more. Unfortunately to do all of those things, it comes along with a price. This is why a few of us bloggers came together and put this great giveaway together for our fans, THAT’S YOU, to help with the cost of all these fun SUMMER activities.

One winner will be able to choose a $200 Cash prize in the form of PayPal, $200 Visa Gift Card, or a $200 Toys ‘R Us Gift Card!!!! Isn’t that super awesome!!!

Now for the giveaway!
One winner will receive a $200 gift card of their choice as mentioned above
Open to US Residents 18+
Void where Prohibited
Only one entrant per household/IP Address
Giveaway begins 7/1/2017 at 12am Eastern
Giveaway ends 7/15/2017 at 11:59pm Eastern

Disclosure: We have teamed up with a group of bloggers for this Summer Fun Giveaway. Everything Mommyhood is responsible for prize fulfillment and shipment. This giveaway is in no way affiliated or endorsed with any social media outlets. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact or if you’d like us to handle anything for your company, service, or product.


  1. Katrina Brockavich says:

    I would choose a visa gift card. There’s so many options with visa! I would use it for gas to go fun places, and admission to parks and museums. That’s what keeps us from doing big things over the summer, the admission and gas prices!

  2. Pamela Gurganus says:

    I would choose the $200 Cash prize in the form of PayPal and I would spend it on Christmas shopping.

  3. shelly peterson says:

    I would choose the $200 PayPal cash. This would be great to win to buy my son some school clothes.

  4. someluckydog says:

    I would choose the Visa gift card. I’d use it on our road trip. I’m taking our grandson and one of his friends!

  5. Cathy French says:

    I would choose the paypal option and use it on groceries and some kitchen decor items.

  6. Lisa Queen says:

    I would choose the Visa. We are going on vacation at the end of August and this would be a great help! Thanks!

  7. Kelli A says:

    I would choose the Visa. I would use it for groceries and household items.

  8. Angelica C Dimeo says:

    I would pay bills and buy uniforms for my son with this money. I would choose the paypal option.

  9. I would love to have the Visa! I’d be excited to get some healthy choices for snacks, desserts, etc., for upcoming summer get togethers, a bunch I look at wistfully as I go past but never get!

  10. Serena Tucker says:

    I would choose the PayPal and I would use it towards putting gas in my car, lunch for my family and taking our daughter to the zoo for her 6th birthday

  11. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I would choose pay pal. My sister and I just left Florida and our family and are starting over in Tennessee. We need everything. Thank you so much for this opportunity to win

  12. My dad has been ill for awhile, I would use the money to do something nice for him and my mom. They deserve so much and it would be great to give back.Thanks for the chance to pay it forward.

  13. Traci A says:

    I would choose PayPal cash and use it to get things that are needed around the house & maybe a couple of books.

  14. patty.wright says:

    I would choose visa because I could use it anywhere. I would buy some skillets

  15. Darlene says:

    Visa, and I would buy Summer clothes. Thanks!

  16. kim brooks says:

    I would choose paypal that way I can transfer to my bank and use the cash I would use it for when I take my daughter to dutch wonderland would pay for our room.

  17. Mary Fagans says:

    I would choose the Paypal option & spend it on something for summer for my family!!

  18. Anita Mitchell says:

    I would choose Visa or paypal. Hard choice,but I would get things I need at that time.

  19. I would chose PayPal because there are a ton of things we need from different online sites for our wedding. Its amazing how much things add up.

  20. I would pick a visa card to use for Christmas shopping and use half for a vacation

  21. I would choose Visa and get some books.

  22. I’d choose the Visa gift card and apply it toward the purchase of a new computer. I’ve needed a new one since 7/3/15.

  23. Tami Vollenweider says:

    I’d choose the Visa Gift Card. I have 2 grand kids and I could split it between the 2 of them!

  24. Steve Weber says:

    I would choose the VISA gift card — cash is king and I could put it towards bills, groceries, etc..

  25. I would use this gift card to buy school clothes for my Granddaughter.

  26. Kimberly P. says:

    I would choose the Visa gift card. I would use it for a new vacuum. I know that’s nothing exciting, but it is needed.

  27. DaRcy Louer says:

    With hubby getting ready to have 6-8 weeks off for health reasons, I would use the $200 on my pay pal to either pay a bill or buy groceries.

  28. Melissa Cadorette says:

    I would get the paypal money and buy my kids school clothes with it!

  29. I would use the money to put toward our family vacation. We’re going out west to visit family and it would be great to have extra spending money to use for fun activities.

  30. My first choice would be the Visa gift card and I would save it for Christmas gifts for my kids. I like the Visa choice because I can use it anywhere!

  31. Matt Aaron says:

    I would more than likely buy my nephew some new recording equipment for YouTube, he is starting a new YouTube channel and is enthralled about the whole social media experience and needs the right stuff to get it going. I currently don’t have the funds to buy him the stuff he needs! Neither does his mother or late father so this would help him greatly!

  32. Kristin Noel says:

    I would like the $200 visa prepaid credit card. I would love to take my son on a small vacation before school starts and this would help out so much.

  33. Ona Archer says:

    I would choose the $200 Visa Gift Card. Where do I begin to tell you what I use it for? Possibly some home repairs.

  34. Malesa C says:

    I would choose the $200 PayPal. I am a stay at home mom of 3 boys and my husband recently lost his full time job. He is working part time and in his last semester of college. This will help us pay some bills and keep from struggling so much.

  35. Susan Smith says:

    I would choose the Visa GC if i won. I would use it to buy school clothes, new shoes and school supplies.

  36. Karen Jaras says:

    I would choose the Visa and use it towards a new iPad.

  37. Kelly Nicholson says:

    i pretty much use my spare cash for the dentist,i dont know how to add an extra sentance to that..i hate the dentist..perhaps is i was broke it would be better..

  38. I would choose the $200 Visa. I think I might buy an air fryer. I really like the idea of crunchy fried food without all the oil and calories.

  39. Sue Morris says:

    I would choose the PayPal cash option. I would use it to purchase a few clothing items for my planned September cruise. Thank you for having this giveaway.

  40. Connie Lee says:

    I would choose the Visa Gift Card. I would spend it on different things, going out to eat, gas, and groceries.

  41. ellie sheely says:

    I would buy things that I always put off: makeup bases, OTC for pain relief and other chronic conditions. and then a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel.

  42. My ac has conked out and it’s very hot and humid here in Indiana. I’d use the Visa card to buy a new window air conditioner.

  43. Diane Sabatini says:

    I would probably buy some goodies for the boys and save the rest for gas.

  44. We have been in a jam financially. So I would use the gift card not only to buy my toddler but also some much needed new toys

  45. Jackie Fitzpatrick says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win! I would choose the visa gift card. I would use this money to buy my 3 kids new shoes and school clothes and school supplies.

  46. I would choose the Visa gift card and use it to buy food and gas.. honestly I could just use the money.

  47. I would choose Visa and I’d buy groceries and household items. And probably ordering pizza a few times! Thank you for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  48. DEBIJOT says:

    I would choose the Visa Gift Card option. I would use this GC for back to school shopping for the boys.

  49. my soon-to-be teenager has requested a phone for his birthday. this would certainly be a big help since pick up is not always the same time each day after school.

  50. I would choose the PayPal one!! I would love to get my eyebrows microbladed so this would help so much.

  51. I would choose the $200 PayPal cash. I would spend it on my upcoming blog and business {designing & selling coloring, puzzle and workbooks}.

  52. Vidya P says:

    I would use the $200 toysrus GC towards preparing for the new arrival to our family!

  53. Naina J says:

    Probably paypal for shopping clothes or I will buy some trips like rafting etc , which will be fun.

  54. Selene Montgomery says:

    If I win, I’d like the $200 Visa gift card. We’re fulltime RVers and it would be great to use this for dining out as we visit different places. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  55. I would choose the Visa GC. I could use it on Amazon where I buy most of my toddler’s clothing and toys.

  56. Dana Matthews says:

    I would chose the Visa GC. My daughter will be going off for her 2nd year of college in the fall. This would be a blessing to put her in pocket before she leaves.

  57. Crystal Young says:

    I would choose the visa gift card and use it for some new shoes and clothes.Thanks for the great giveaway.

  58. I would choose the Visa gift card & put it towards a new watch.


    I’d choose the Visa gc and use it on a nice little weekend getaway

  60. Shannon Mitchell says:

    I need a new dresser. I currently don’t have a dresser and I would like to buy one from Amazon.

  61. Kelsey vinson says:

    I would choose the Visa or PayPal. We would spend it on School supplies and probably a few things for the younger two to do while the big kids are at school. Thanks so much, this would be amazing to win.

  62. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I would choose the Visa gift card which I would probably use to buy my new granddaughter a highchair

  63. Amy Deeter says:

    I would use this for school shopping. I have two kids going back to school, and this would help so much

  64. Katt Lewis says:

    I’d pay my electric bill.

  65. Katt Lewis says:

    I’d pay my electric bill with the visa card, have enough left over to buy 50 lbs of dog food to get me through another month. I just need to catch up.

  66. jamie anders martin says:

    I would love the visa gc. I would buy groceries and help a family member. Anything left have fun.

  67. My first pick would be the Visa gift card and would use it for mostly groceries and some other bills.

  68. sheila ressel says:

    If I won I would buy a pool with the Visa card.

  69. Jeff rothrock says:

    Visa. Cars detailed 🍒

  70. Brenda Goldberg says:

    I would choose the VISA Gift Card and use it to buy groceries.

  71. Amber Bourland says:

    I would choose the Visa Gift card. Unfortunately our AC unit needs repairs, so it would be used for that instead of something fun.

  72. Rachael DeBates says:

    I’d choose it for the visa and I would get my car fixed and get it the transmission flush it needs!

  73. I would choose the visa card I think. I would love to go shopping for a new dress and shoes and if I selected the pay pal I might pay a bill

  74. Kayla Klontz says:

    I would choose the Visa card and I would use it to buy my kids new clothes and probably get their school supplies early. I love being ready for things early. Plus, my children deserve to have everything they need as well.

  75. Kimmy Ripley says:

    This would be a dream come true for this stay at home momma! Money is super tight right now. This would be a blessing to win. I would buy my Chloe Pearl her back to school clothes if I win. Thanks so very much for the chance! Fingers and toes crossed!

  76. Gloria Luongo says:

    I would choose the Visa gift card. I would like to purchase some stuff for my house. Bathroom curtain. New towels. Thanks for the chance.

  77. donna porter says:

    I would choose the visa gift card. I would help my grandchildren get school clothes and supplies. I would save some to get a few groceries.

  78. Elicia P says:

    I do not have a preference on either gift card. However, I would use it to purchase the lillebaby complete. I have been eyeing it for the longest time but the cost is out of my league.

  79. Pam Shepherd says:

    I Would Choose The Visa Gift Card So I Could Use It At Wal-mart. I Have Grandkids and i can but clothes for them . Thank You for This Chance..

  80. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I love using all three of these ways for shopping. Toys R Us is great, especially around the holidays. I can usually find what I am looking for there for my grandchildren. I also love my PayPal account. So easy and convenient. Thank you for sharing this. God Bless

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