Clean the Air Purifier Giveaway $299 Value – ends 12/1

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Clear the Air Purifier Giveaway ~ Win an Onix 3000 Air Purifier

This is a giveaway sponsored by Airfree on behalf of Tom’s Take On Things

Clear the Air Purifier Giveaway ~ Win an Onix 3000 Air Purifier Ends 12/1

Would you like an Air Purifier that is quiet and doesn’t require any maintenance? Sure you would! In addition to how quiet it is, it is also aesthetically pleasing and fits into any decor. It has a built-in night light feature that you can turn on or leave off making it perfect for kids rooms as well.

You should head on over to check out the review Tom’s Take On Things did here. He gives it a 9.6 out of 10. Go find out why and how it made it into his 2017 Holiday Gift Guide as well.

So here is your chance to win one! Open to residents of the U.S. Only, the giveaway ends on 12/1 at 11:59 pm EST. Tom’s Take On Things nor bloggers helping promote this giveaway were compensated for this post. Airfree is responsible for prize delivery.

Disclosure: Everything Mommyhood was not compensated for this posting. All thoughts and opinions are those of our own and were not influenced in any way. This giveaway is in no way associated with any social media outlets. Everything Mommyhood is not responsible for prize fulfillmen. If you have any questions or would like to see your product/service/company featured, please contact us at


  1. We do have one–it is not working well and it is rather loud.

  2. Jeana Murphy says:

    Yes ,we have an old one that has two settings low and high and it is loud!

  3. Kim Henrichs says:

    We have one but I don’t like it. Actively looking for a better one!

  4. We do not have one but I would love one!

  5. Yes a small air purifier & it’s so noisy.

  6. We do, and it is really old and sounds like it’s distressed. Poor machine.

  7. Crystal Warnick says:

    I do not but would love one.

  8. I don’t currently have an air purifier, this sounds like a great one to try.

  9. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    We used to have an Ionizer tower. I really liked it, but it was pretty noisy!

  10. I don’t currently have one but I really need two or three. I have a dog, two cats and a hamster.

  11. No I do not have an air purifier yet. Would love to have one though, quiet or not.

  12. I have one in the main living room area and it’s quiet but I’d love one for my bedroom.

  13. It is loud and old and dying. The filter is gone and will be in the trash very soon.

  14. Angel Heaps says:

    no we dont we would like one though

  15. Kathleen Tracey says:

    I do not have a air puifier at home.

  16. rickel bart says:

    we have two small air filters–they’re a bit noisy

  17. We do not have an air purifier, but we would really like to get one!!

  18. Cathy Truman says:

    we do not have one at home but I would love one

  19. we do not and this might help my household’s allergy sufferers

  20. Kim Niland says:

    We have a very old air purifier and it is not quiet. We hardly use it because of the noise. Mostly we run it at night.

  21. I do have an air purifier, but I get tired of buying new filters. it gets expensive.

  22. We do have an air purifier at home, but it is really annoying and loud.

  23. I have an air purifier but I am not sure how much it is doing

  24. My daughter has an air purifier at college but another one at home would be nice. Hers is fairly quiet, though.

  25. I really need this, my home is so dry. Thank you for the offer!

  26. Serena Powell says:

    I don’t have an air purifier, but I’ve been wanting one!

  27. Jennifer ODay says:

    I do, and it is! Also doesn’t work well ☹️

  28. I had one, but it broke a few years ago and I just never bought a new one.

  29. no we do not have one. All we have is a window to open for fresh air

  30. No we don’t have one

  31. Cindy Peterson says:

    I do not have an air purifier at home. I needed one with all the smoke in the air this summer

  32. Steve Weber says:

    We have a small one, I don’t even know if it works.

  33. I don’t have one but hope to get a quiet one.

  34. Ricky Hoelting says:

    We do not have one, currently.

  35. Natalie Schilla says:

    I do not own one but want one.

  36. Elizabeth E says:

    We don’t have one yet.

  37. I do not have an air purifier at home, but I’m looking to get one at the recommendation of my allergy doctor.

  38. DEBRA GIFFORD says:

    I do not own an air purifier. I think everyone should though.

  39. Jill Harper says:

    Yes we have one at home. It’s fairly quiet.

  40. No, we don’t have one.

  41. I have an air purifier in my bedroom that I run constantly. It is audible, but I enjoy the white noise it provides.

  42. No…I don’t have one , but I wish I did.

  43. Donna DePaolo says:

    No, I don’t have one but, my respiratory therapist has been urging me to get one. I live by a very busy freeway so, I must keep my windows closed even on a beautiful day.

  44. Charlotte Serafini says:

    No, I do not have one.

  45. No we do not have one at our house.

  46. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I don’t have an air purifier, I would love to with my son having a heart transplant.

  47. michelle warner says:

    we dont have one in home, but the kids doctor said it would be a great idea.

  48. Rhonda Fuller says:

    I do not have one but would love to try it

  49. used to have one but it broke

  50. Marlo BLuford says:

    Filterless is just what I need.

  51. We don’t have one!

  52. Nicole Martin says:

    I don’t have one, but I want one!!

  53. We do not have one, but really need one

  54. golden storm says:

    we do not have one

  55. cindy whipple says:

    i do and it is noisy.

  56. Wendy Palmer says:

    I have one of another brand that has started popping and not working properly. I inherited some rescue kitties and it helps me tremendously but now I’m afraid to turn it on when I’m gone.

  57. TheresaJenkins says:

    No we don’t have one…it would be nice since all 5 of our grandkids have allergies

  58. Yes and NOT QUIET!

  59. font have one

  60. Nicole Heafey says:

    We don’t have one, but have been looking.

  61. No, we don’t have one yet.

  62. I do not have an air purifier in my home but would love one.

  63. We don’t have one, always wanted one.

  64. I have always wanted one, it will help my baby breath so much healthier.

  65. veronica sandberg says:

    Haven’t had one in quite awhile

  66. We don’t have one, but have always wanted one.

  67. Chelsey Bennett says:

    I don’t have one. I suffer from allergies all year round though, so I’d love to get one.

  68. Trinity Rosario says:

    We have a small one in the bedroom. I like the sound, it’s not loud.

  69. No my old, old one died and I have not replaced it yet and it was not quiet at all.

  70. Bristol Fields says:

    I have an old Air Purifier that is loud, bulky and always needs attention to run correctly.

  71. Patricia Morley says:

    I do not have an air purifier but I am in desperate need of one! I have terrible allergies and I am on so many medications that don’t really help from 2 nasal sprays pills and eye drops. I also had injections for five years that only helped a little bit. Would really benefit from one of these!! fingers crossed!!!

  72. stella methvin says:

    no but would liek one for my daughter who is pregnant with her first child. I think it would make it better for him.

  73. no i do not have one

  74. krystal wethington says:

    I used to but not anymore and yes it was quiet.

  75. kathy pease says:

    No I do not have an air purifier

  76. Michelle H. says:

    I have an air purifier. It is not that quiet.

  77. Brandy Schwartz says:

    I do not have an air purifier. I really need to get one. We have pollen year round where I live.

  78. We do not currently have a purifier, but would love to have one.

  79. I do not have an air purifier now but would love to win this one.

  80. Trisha Musgrave says:

    I don’t have an air purifier, but this would be great since I have asthma!

  81. Buddy Garrett says:

    We don’t have an air purifier.

  82. I don’t have a purifier right now but I definitely need one

  83. I don’t have an air purifier, but I would love love to own one.

  84. Trisha McKee says:

    I do not have one. But once years ago, people came door to door selling them. They demonstrated it and turned it on in another room. it was very noisy.

  85. Philip Lawrence says:

    I do not have one at home. I will if I win!

  86. Wendy McBride says:

    No I don’t have one and never have. I would love to have one though.

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