The Meaning of Christmas & a Giveaway – ends 1/7/2018 #ACharmedChristmas

Christmas holds a very special place in my heart.  I became Catholic in 2017 and this is my first year celebrating Christmas as a convert.  While I have always tried to instill in my daughters the real meaning of Christmas, that is even more important to me this year.  The season tends to get away from us and I feel it is very important to keep the reason for the season above everything else.  As we all know, Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birthday to Mary and Joseph.  We give gifts as a reminder of the wise men who brought gifts to Jesus on the day of his birth.

In our family, we have a nativity set that our girls have grown up with.  They understand why we celebrate Christmas and love hearing the story of Jesus’ birth.  I truly believe that it is not Christmas until the nativity is out and the girls have reenacted the story of Jesus.  We even have a tradition of baking Jesus a birthday cake! It’s so much fun.

James Avery is been very well known for creating gorgeous Artisan Jewelry pieces.  More than once, my Christmas wish list has included items from their website.  This year, James Avery has created the “Noel Nativity Charm”.  This charm would be a great gift for yourself, your best friend, or anyone that might need to keep the reason for the season close to their heart. I received one myself and have been wearing it this whole month and I’ve received so many compliments on it. I love the detail of it and the charm itself holds a special place in my heart, reminding me of why we celebrate this joyous season.

James Avery has many timeless pieces that you are sure to love. I recommend checking out their website as they have a ton of great pieces, not just charms.

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Now for the giveaway!
One lucky winner will receive a James Avery Noel Nativity Charm as well as $50 PayPal Cash!
Open to US, 18+
Void where prohibited
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Giveaway ends January 7, 2018 at 11:59pm

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  1. Just being able to spend time with family members by baking or talking at dinner is a special treat. This year has been hard so to be able to enjoy these moments is special.

  2. The James Avery Tree of Life charm is a great way to remember those before us. It’s so dainty and beautiful!

  3. My favorite Christmas tradition is Money Bread Christmas morning. It’s been a tradition as long as I can remember; I make one every year to continue to share with my family.

  4. My niece would love this

  5. My favorite tradition was simple, when I was young, my grandmother would come and stay with us until Christmas vacation was over, loved having her with us.

  6. Velva Axtell says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is also related to the real meaning of the season. I like to do an advent devotional, read the Christmas story to my children, and sing carols .

  7. someluckydog says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is attending Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. We have a fun pot luck before and afterwards everyone snuggles into their beds to wait for Santa.

  8. My favorite Christmas tradition is baking and decorating gingerbread men and women cookies with my grandchildren. They really look forward to that time together every year!

  9. Melissa Storms says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas eve when we all get new pjs and spend a little quiet time together just drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

  10. M favorite Christmas tradition is to bake cookies with my kids. It’s so fun

  11. Molli Taylor says:

    i love carolling and seeing the neighborhood tree lit up

  12. The whole family getting together to celebrate is our Christmas tradition. We have fun playing board games, singing the carols and enjoy a great feast.

  13. My favorite Christmas tradition is our holiday meal. We always have the most delicious roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes served with au jous, asparagus and sweet potato

  14. My favorite Christmas tradition is buying a real Christmas tree as a family the day after Thanksgiving. We decorate it while listening to Christmas music then we bake cookies.

  15. My favorite christmas tradition is getting a new board game each year that we play together on christmas.

  16. Stevie Albertson says:

    When I was a kid, it was baking nut & poppy seed rolls with my Grandma & Mom. Now it’s baking sugar cookies with my mom & my daughter.

  17. Having pizza every Christmas Eve with my family! It is so fun and yummy 🙂

    name: edye

  18. We enjoy opening one gift on Christmas Eve. Each family member takes turns opening and sharing what they received.

  19. I love baking Christmas treats. Also I love eating Christmas treats 🙂

  20. I learned about their “Love” Script Ring which would be great for Valentine’s Day.

  21. I love this charm; it would be a great gift for one of my granddaughters.

  22. Julie Bickham says:

    It would be making Christmas cookies with my children. We have so much fun! Then we watch Christmas movies and eat some of the cookies.

  23. Tammy Catterton says:

    I like the ideal treasure memories thru a charm bracelet that can carried down thru generation great ideal indeed thanks for sharing

  24. I love any charm celebrating the true meaning of Christmas…especially James Avery charms!

  25. Ann Fantom says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is baking Christmas cookies with my daughter like I did with my mom and grandmother

    One of our new Christmas traditions is that we always watch A Christmas Story as a family on Christmas eve.

  26. ELIZABETH C. says:

    I learned that Kathy loves charms but always had a tough time deciding which to pick. Very interesting !

  27. DeAnna Keller says:

    I learned that not only is it a beautiful piece of jewelry, she can pass it down to future generations.

  28. Michelle Levine says:

    I like playing white elephant with my friends

  29. Sarah Hayes says:

    my favorite is when we bake cookies for Santa. we love being in the kitchen together. its something for the whole family to enjoy

  30. I enjoy spending time with my father and it isn’t the material things that matter, but rather the memories of shared experiences.

  31. Jeanna Massman says:

    I learned that you can build your own bracelet by selecting charms that are meaningful to you.

  32. Cynthia C says:

    We get together for a big family dinner. The kids have a great time and play with their new toys afterward.

  33. Deborah Wellenstein says:

    We like to pile everyone in the van to look at Christmas lights. In our area, we can actually charter a party bus to visit extraordinary Christmas displays.

  34. I learned that they have 5 manufacturing plants, all in Texas.

  35. Christina Sparks says:

    Kathy tells a story through her charms.

  36. paige chandler says:

    Wew string popcorn on the tree Christmas Eve. Then the kids leave Santa a cookie and milk. I live for this!

  37. Azeem Isaahaque says:

    They offer free shipping on $100+

  38. Donna Jacoby says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree with my family. Thank you for the giveaway!

  39. Danielle Oyen says:

    Finding a charm is the perfect way to honor memories

  40. What a wonderful way to remember an event or a family member

  41. Welcome home to the Catholic faith. I was raised Catholic, left it at age 27 for the Protestant evangelical faith. Came back home to the faith of my youth-the Catholic Church- after 25 years away. Even when I was gone from the Catholic faith I saw it as the trunk of the tree and the leaves and branches were all the offshoots of the one true faith.

  42. My favorite tradition is opening gifts. We were poor when I grew up -alcoholic father and schizophrenic mother. I made SURE my children had a fabulous Christmas. I still do it for them and my grandchildren. I want them to have happy fun memories.

  43. Tammy Catterton says:

    my family tradition is putting the tree up Thanksgiving week start decorating. Plus always make watergate Salad was my grandmother favorite dish to have

  44. My favorite Christmas tradition is going caroling on Christmas Eve with all my family. We then come home, drink hot chocolate, and enjoy a holiday movie. Thanks for the chance and happy new year! 🙂

  45. Rosalee Jacklin says:

    Definitely a nice piece! Especially to remember those before us.

  46. karaleigh2 says:

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is to ride around looking at the best Christmas lights together. It’s especially fun to have thermoses of hot chocolate!

  47. shirley emitt says:

    I learned they have nice Mother’s Day pieces.

  48. Minta Boggs says:

    I learned they have very nice charm jewelry!

  49. Minta Boggs says:

    Making cookies with my son and giving to Toys for Tots!

  50. Diana Penn says:

    i learned this is a very nice giveaway that i wanna win

  51. Holly Thomas says:

    My favorite tradition is opening up a new pair of pajamas on Christmas eve, I have been doing this since I was a kid and now my husband and I do it.

  52. Anne Higgins says:

    I love the family story – my Mother passed me her charm bracelet and I treasure it. Love the stories that go with each charm and the tradition they carry in our family.

  53. My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree. I have very fond memories of my childhood and as a parent of doing this every year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. My favorite tradition is getting together in the morning for gift opening. I love the joy on my children’s faces when I buy them exactly what they wanted. We are very close and I know what they want before they do!

  55. Hesper Fry says:

    I learned that they carry faith pieces.

  56. Hesper Fry says:

    Our favorite tradition is to bake christmas cookies together and enjoy a family meal. We also go and look at Christmas lights. And we enjoy a box of chocolates.

  57. I like the Mother’s Love Gift Set.

  58. kathy pease says:

    My favorite tradition is a big dinner with family. I also love to bake goodie baskets for gifts.

  59. I loved how my mom always made snowball cookies for Christmas Eve each year. Now I always make them for Christmas Eve.

  60. I like getting together with my whole family on the Holiday season. Having a nice baked ham and serve up some gifts is always a treat.

  61. Amanda joosten says:

    Every year my two kids and I go with my parents to the tree farm and we cut down our tree. I love that day and Christmas time 🏂😍

  62. Kristy Tongchinsub says:

    I love Christmas as a mom! We spend each Christmas at my in laws; exchanging gifts and having a wonderful dinner. On Christmas Day we wait for our boys to wake up and watch the run to the tree. It’s pretty magical!

  63. i learned that the line was developed to remember her mom.

  64. I wish it was a Christmas tradition but Christmas 2016 we took a cruise for Christmas. It was perfect!!!!

  65. Tracy Shafer says:

    They were made to tell stories.

  66. Francine Anchondo says:

    My favorite christmas tradition is we always go out to eat christmas eve pizza. Then afterwards we drive around and look at christmas lights on houses.

  67. Buddy Garrett says:

    My favorite Christmas tradition is visiting family and friends. Whether having family and friends over or visiting them it is always good to spend time with them especially the ones you don’t get to see very often. Christmas is wonderful but also a little sad. There are all the new births but also the ones who are no longer here. You realize that next Christmas there will bw some who will not be here so its great to have a wonderful and joyous Christmas.

  68. Kayla Klontz says:

    My favorite tradition is decorating with my kids, we always have such a good time. We have a good time baking cookies as well.

  69. Eileen Boyce says:

    I learned the charms are very nice and free shipping on $100.

  70. Jennifer H. says:

    I learned that Kathy has been collecting James Avery pieces for over 30 years.

  71. Eileen Boyce says:

    I love going to church Christmas Eve with family. We ride around and see lights afterwards.

  72. We get together with our extended family every Christmas Eve for homemade lasagna dinner. We pass gifts and catch up and enjoy being a family.

  73. Dana Matthews says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is attending Christmas Eve Candlelight services with my family. It’s such a peaceful, quiet service and I enjoy sharing the experience with my family.

  74. Leah Shumack says:

    Christmas eve jammies are my favorite family tradition! Every year we get ugly pjs as a family and have a picture in front of the tree.

  75. We bake a variety of different cookies each year. But these are cookies that aren’t ordinarily made around here, such as pizzelles. So every year, people look forward to my homemade gifts.

  76. shelly peterson says:

    I enjoy Christmas time. Baking cookies with my grandsons is a favorite.

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