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5 Tips For a Good Night’s Sleep – #IC

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As a mom, we all know how important a good night’s sleep is, but we often don’t get a full night’s sleep. I know for me, I lie awake often thinking about everything I needed to get done in a day that I didn’t. I’ll remember something I meant to do, but I forgot. Did I lock the front door? Did I close the garage door? Did I take the trash to the curb? Did I make my child’s lunch? By the time I finally get to sleep, I only get a few hours, and we all know that’s no where near enough to function. Then we have the nights I can’t stay asleep, so I’ll get up and watch TV, browse Facebook, play a game, it’s so frustrating being tired and not being able to sleep.

New statistics show that more than half of Americans regularly struggle with sleeping throughout the night. HALF, that’s a LOT of people! What’s even more surprising, is that the most common symptom of insomnia is the inability to stay asleep, not difficulty falling asleep. On average, 72% of Americans miss almost three weeks of sleep per year, which is a total of 470 hours! Pretty eye-opening (no pun intended) right?

I have a few things that really help me have a good night’s sleep and I wanted to share them with you!

1. An hour before bedtime, turn off all electronics. No TV, no smartphone, no tablet, no computer/laptop. Unplug yourself. Your body will thank you, and so will your significant other.

2. Take a hot bath with lavender essential oils and epsom salt. This combination right here is amazing. It will soothe your soul. Epsom salt is great for tired muscles and the magnesium is great for you. Lavender essential oil is great for making you sleepy.

3. Don’t eat right before bed. Have your after dinner snack at least an hour prior to bedtime. You don’t want your belly to be digesting food once you’re in bed.

4. Limit your liquid intake. Don’t drink a lot before bed. I usually have some water right before bed, but I limit it to only about 4 ounces. I try to stop drinking any liquids at least two hours prior to bed.

5. Talk to a doctor. After trying the above for a week, and you have no improvement, definitely set up an appointment to talk to your doctor. Your symptoms may be more severe than home remedies can fix.

The good news is that there are effective treatment options available for those who may be suffering with insomnia. If you are having trouble sleeping through the night, you should speak with your doctor about your routine, lifestyle, and symptoms. There are options out there and you will find a solution, don’t give up. To learn more about the importance of getting a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep, stop by and visit


Do you have any tips for a good night’s sleep? How to get to sleep and to stay asleep?

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Linda Manns Linneman

Friday 3rd of June 2016

These tips are great. They really have helped me. I love using essential oils. Thank you for this great post

Edna Williams

Wednesday 20th of January 2016

Thanks so much for all the good tips! I need these!

Deborah Dorris

Wednesday 12th of August 2015

I have problems with sleeping. I had heard most of the tips except the one with hot bath and lavender essential oil and Epsom salt. I am going to give it a try with all these tips.


Saturday 8th of August 2015

wow I'm guilty. I need to take hold of these suggestions, Sometimes easier said than done!

Deborah D

Thursday 6th of August 2015

these are great tips