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8 Essential Items I Keep in my Purse

I’m not talking about the normal stuff here…not the phone, wallet, keys, credit card, etc…I’m talking about the essentials!

1. Tampons- I ALWAYS have at least 2 or 3 in the inside back zipper of my purse…these are a must have and I have HAD to have them at the worst times, so I always keep that stocked!

2. Binky- aka pacifier…my daughter ONLY has this when she goes to sleep, so her binkies stay in her crib, and she knows this…but it is an essential item to have in my purse if something comes up. We have been out of the house longer than I have anticipated sometimes and have needed to use it on far too many occasions. She has also got to the point where she will say hello to everyone at the grocery store 20 or so times, and she screams it…so I put the binky in her mouth to save me the embarrassment when she is screaming at someone in the store for the 100th time.

3 & 4. Notepad and Pen- I am always forgetting an idea of some sort, whether it be something I need to do, or a recipe or I carry this around and write stuff in it pretty often!

5. Baby Wipes- whether they be for my daughter, husband, or myself..they are in there. I can’t tell you how many times we have all needed to use these, I will continue carrying these far past our diaper changing days!

6. Excedrin- I was diagnosed with Chronic Daily Headaches…so yeah..I take excedrin, plus if I feel a migraine coming I immediately take two!

7. A snack- Yes, a snack…I usually have a ziploc with goldfish, cheez its, cheerios, or something of the sort in my purse. They have came in handy plenty of times!

8. Bandaid- Enough said, no explanation needed!