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Beggin’ Party Pack Available at Sam’s Club

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sam’s Club. All opinions are 100% mine.

The all new Beggin® Party Pack from Purina® is now available at Sam’s Club, for Sam’s Club members! Sam’s Club members have placed their votes on what their dogs favorite flavors are, and the new Beggin’ Party Pack flavors have been chosen.The Beggin’ Party Pack Box includes 3 Different Flavors: Bacon & Cheese, Bacon, and Bacon & Cheeseburger. They come in 3 separate bags, at 14oz each. The Beggin® Party Pack is super convenient as they are in a resealable package, and dogs love them for treats! These treats are great for teaching new tricks, playing games or just letting them know you love them.

Nica LOVES her Beggin® Strips and is ALWAYS happy and wagging her tail when she gets the chance for one as a treat! Her favorite flavor is of course, the bacon cheeseburger!

Nica loves posing for silly pictures, knowing she will get a super yummy bacon & cheeseburger flavored Beggin® Strip after it’s all over with.

I know I will definitely be picking up one of the new Beggin’ Party Packs the next time I head out to Sam’s Club. Not only do I get 3 great flavors in one box, but they are a great price too!

Does your dog do tricks to receive treats? Do you make them do silly pictures?

What’s your dog’s favorite treat?

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