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Bummas Cloth Wipes Review


Bummas sent me a 10 pack of their Wild Colors Cloth Wipes to review for free and they’re also giving away a 10 pack in our Spring Into Cloth Diaper Event that starts on Friday, April 12th!



These cloth wipes are great. They are the perfect size, thickness, and do the job. I love the rainbow of these wild colors too. All I do is add a little water to them before I use them, and just use them like normal baby wipes. They get anything off a lot better/easier than normal baby wipes. To wash them, I just throw them in with our cloth diaper laundry. Make sure you don’t use any fabric softener on these as they won’t absorb as well! I’ve washed mine several times and they haven’t faded or shrunk! I give these two thumbs up!


Bummas has won awards for their great wipes and they are a great price, you can get and of the packs above for only $15.00 HERE on their site.


Keep an eye out for our Spring Into Cloth Diaper Event, it starts this Friday, April 12th and you can win your very own 10 pack of Bummas Wipes in our prize pack worth $260!

Karina H.

Thursday 11th of April 2013

can't wait!