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Charlie’s Soap Laundry Liquid and Pre-Spray Review


We have an awesome “Spring Into Cloth Diaper Event” coming up this week and Charlie’s Soap was generous enough to include their great products (40 Load Liquid Laundry Soap and 16 oz Laundry Pre-Spray) for me to review for free and giveaway in our cloth diaper prize pack!


We do part-time cloth diapering here, and all of you who cloth diaper know you can’t just use any regular detergent to wash with. First off, you have to clean your washer with 1/4 cup of this detergent and a couple rags in a large load to get all the old residue out for this to work properly. I actually felt good about that and getting my washer clean. Totally made sense to me!

I’ve been using Charlie’s Soap on my Cloth Diapers this week and it has been doing a great job. My 17 month old has had some pretty icky diapers lately since we have been sick, so I figured this would be the week to test it out. There was no after smell, no ammonia smell, or any of that. My baby didn’t have a reaction to the soap either, which is obviously a plus.

Buy the products here at Charlie’s Soap online or you can search for a local store near you to purchase.


Keep an eye out for our Spring Into Cloth Diaper Event, it starts this Friday, April 12th!