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Date Night

Yesterday afternoon Tim tells me that he planned a night for just us. He called my friend to see if her and her hubby would watch D and if she could sleepover with their girls. She said yes, and that she would pick her up at 2:45pm to go to the Circus with all of them. My hubby planned for us to go down to Biloxi to the Beau Rivage and to see a Beatles cover band.

I immediately started bawling because I only had 45 minutes to get everything ready for D, and us so we could leave…not to mention I hadn’t ever been away from D for more than a couple hours. I couldn’t do it, I felt bad and Tim understood, so I packed D up for my friends house, and instead of us going to Biloxi we just stayed around here.

We went to the movies and saw No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman, very cute movie! Then we went out to dinner at Lonestar Steakhouse. We were kidless for 6 hours and it felt nice, but all we could talk about was our baby girl. We went and picked her up at 9pm, came home, and we all went to bed.

This was the first time my hubby really ever surprised me and he said this is only the first half of my Valentine’s present! It was definitely a nice present!!

Anyways, just wanted to share! (and let you all know what a wimp I am for not being able to be away from my kid!)


Tuesday 8th of February 2011

I'm with you - my son is almost 16months and I've NEVER spent a night away from him. I'm not ready for that and he's not ready for that so that's just the way it's going to be! lol

Your "in town" date night sounds fun! Those are the kind of dates I enjoy-- a few hours break can be marvelous!