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Delivery Man Trailer- See it first here!


Have you heard of the new movie Delivery Man? It will be out in theaters on November 22nd (which is my birthday!!). This hilarious movie, stars Vince Vaughan! He one day finds out that his anonymous donations from years back has fathered 533 children!

I have the brand new trailer for you to view on my blog first before anywhere else!

Will you be going to see it?

Alicia K

Sunday 7th of July 2013

i've never heard of this before

Mary R.

Saturday 6th of July 2013

Thanks for the preview. I can't wait to see this one!

Teryn P

Thursday 4th of July 2013

This is something I think I would like to watch!

Kristin Welch

Thursday 4th of July 2013

Oh my gosh! How funny does this movie look? And Vince Vaughan, he's hilarious and a great actor!! This is definitely a movie I want to see!!!


Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

Looking forward to it. I love Vince Vaughn.