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Dental Care Is So Important To Your Health!

Everything Mommyhood received a promotional item for this post. All opinions are those of our own.

Dental health is so important. You must take care of your teeth at all stages of your life! Growing up, my mom never really pushed dental care on me. Of course I brushed my teeth every day, but flossing and regular dental visits were not something I did. Even as an adult now, I’m deathly afraid of the dentist. I try to teach my children differently though, and I realize how important dental care is. I reassure them that the dentist is to help them and keep their teeth in great condition.

Most of you have children, and if you’re anything like me,  you’re always drilling (no pun intended) dental care into them. There’s a lot of great prevention tips to help your children with their teeth!


It’s so important to be a good role model to your children and show them proper dental care. After all, they will watch you take care of your teeth, so lead by good example!

Another problem in dental care is sports injuries! Now that it’s Summer, our children are participating in sports and may have dental injuries.


During pregnancy your gums will be more sensitive and they may even bleed, which is totally normal! I know I had a lot of different dental issues when I was pregnant with both of my children. Take special care of your teeth, especially when pregnant!


If you have any more questions, make sure you check out Jefferson Dental Care.

What tips do you have for Dental Care? Either for your children or while being pregnant?

Disclosure: Everything Mommyhood was sent a promotional item for this posting. All opinions are those of our own. If you’re interested in seeing your product or service on our site, please email us at

Edna Williams

Wednesday 27th of January 2016

Dental care is important! Thanks for the posting!

Sue E

Monday 20th of July 2015

I was really strict about taking my kids to the dentist & making sure they brushed their teeth before they went to bed when they were young!! They were on the honor system in the morning, because I worked weekdays. Being a Diabetic, I can tell you from experience that cavities & bad teeth can lead to other health problems!! My husband has an upper denture plate. It is very important to keep those clean also!!

kelly galpin

Monday 20th of July 2015

thanks for sharing this. dental health really is so important. i started flossing every day starting a couple years ago and i'm really glad that i did start, i do see such a difference now. my families teeth are shot due to smoking over the years and not taking care of their teeth. my father just got all of his teeth pulled out so he can get dentures because his mouth is so bad. i wish everyone would understand how very important it is to take care of your teeth!


Monday 20th of July 2015

Wow... I didn't know all of this. This is really eye opening. I'm always barking at my kids to brush and now I am so glad I haven't relented. Great post!

Carissa joslyn

Monday 20th of July 2015

I'm thankfully my kids love to brush they're teeth! I haven't been able to go to a dentist in 5 years, my insurance doesn't cover it and we really don't have any money. But I make sure my kids teeth are spectacular.