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Detox Recipes: 4 Teas for a Clean Feeling

I have teamed up with Buddha Teas for a guest post here on Everything Mommyhood!

Detox Recipes_ 4 Teas for a Clean Feeling

For a long time, I wasn’t so sure about the detox craze. I can swallow the concept that toxins enter my body through unclean air, water, and food, and I even believe that those toxins have deleterious effects, like fatigue or achiness. However, I absolutely refused to accept that simply drinking certain fluids would flush my system and create balance and harmony ― until I tried it.


Over the holidays, when I was bemoaning that all the rich seasonal foods made me feel ill, my sister-in-law absolutely swore by a tea cleanse that she always endured starting January 1st. She claimed it refreshed her system and helped her regain the healthy eating and exercising habits she had before the holiday interruption.

At first, I was hesitant to accept it, but after January came and went, I was still splurging on unhealthy foods. Finally, I ordered some tea, and after just a day of drinking, I can whole-heartedly tell you that as ridiculous as they sound, detoxes work.

Like most, I only complete a cleanse every once in a while; fasting definitely isn’t good for your body if you do it often. However, if I feel I need a quick pick-me-up, I feel comfortable brewing up a cup of one of the following natural solutions to detoxify my blood, liver, bowels, and more.


Slowly but surely, people are starting to see those bright yellow flowers not as banes on their beautiful lawns but as boons to their health. Dandelion greens have a delicious flavor that adds to any fresh salad mix, and the edible buds provide a surprising number of vitamins and minerals, like calcium and potassium.

However, the true good stuff is in the roots. Dandelion root is suspected of increasing bile flow, which sounds disgusting but is actually extremely beneficial for the liver, which is actually one of the easiest organs to injure with bad habits like drinking and smoking. Dandelion tea is strong and slightly sweet, which makes it an excellent substitute for soda on a hot summer day ― perhaps after you pull all the dandelions from your lawn.

Milk Thistle

Another weed with wondrous benefits, milk thistle’s wild nature gives it a number of antioxidants that are hard to find in your regular diet. As a result, a mug of milk thistle tea is even more beneficial than a glass of red wine, as it rids your body of harmful free radicals.

Though milk thistle’s taste isn’t perhaps as naturally appealing as other teas on this list, there are a number of ways to make the drink more refreshing and fun during your detox.


After brewing your tea according to the instructions, you can:

-Toss in slices of tangerine and cucumber and a handful of fresh peppermint for a sweeter sipper.

-Blend with spinach, banana, lime juice, and spearmint for a clean mojito.

-Mix with stronger teas, like ginger, green, or mint, for a double detox.


It isn’t hard to love ginger. This exotic spice is equally as delicious on chicken and as in cookies, and it is well-known to provide real digestive health benefits. I for one swear by ginger pills whenever I go on road trips or roller coasters, so ginger was one of my first favorite detox drinks. However, it quickly became clear that ginger is good for more than tummy
trouble: It also reduces pain and inflammation, especially after heavy exercise.

My favorite ginger tea trick is making ice pops. After brewing a particularly strong pot of tea and allowing it to cool, distribute the beverage into the different pockets of an ice pop mold and place the mold in the freezer. You should allow your ice pops to freeze overnight before indulging in the sweet and spicy treat.


Perhaps the hottest naturopathic trend right now is turmeric, which has recently been gifted with unbelievable medicinal prowess. Though doctors and scientists refute many of turmeric’s alleged abilities ― they do agree that the root does have some beneficial qualities. In particular, turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, which is helpful in reducing pain and improving the function of most bodily systems.

If curry isn’t your favorite dish, you can introduce turmeric into your diet with tea. However, finding a tea blend is advisable, as the tangy flavor can be overpowering. Ginger pairs especially well, and it allows you to double down on your detoxification.

Happy cleansing!

Have you ever tried anything for a detox? If so, what?

Olivine Eyes

Monday 5th of September 2016

I don't detox but do love tea. There is a lot a tea out there, way more than the four on the list that I need to try.


Wednesday 15th of June 2016

I will ask my doctor about these teas and then I will try them.


Thursday 2nd of June 2016

This would be something for all to do to cleanse ourselves . Dandelion has been around for a long time. We have eaten it a lot. THanks for all the good information

Leslie Crosbie

Tuesday 24th of May 2016

I never tried a detox but I want to! I even bought one but never took because worried that it would make me feel like crap!

Linda Manns Linneman

Tuesday 10th of May 2016

You were so right about these cleanses. I love how they work and how they make me feel. Thank you again for sharing