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Diet: 1 week

It’s been one week since I started my diet. I stopped drinking soda and have only been drinking water or crystal light, occasionally a mug of tea w/ a little honey. I have stayed between 1100-1250 calories every day. I weighed myself this morning and I am down exactly 5lbs from last week! The first couple days of dieting and counting calories were pretty tough for me, sadly enough I was actually in tears the first two days because “I can’t do this”, but I stuck through it…and now I am doing great! There is no turning back! I haven’t cheated one time, and I am really determined to lose weight. I burned a TON of calories today. I cleaned the entire house for about 3 hours. We have all hardwood floors, I swept them and steam mopped the entire house, all 2000 sq ft. I also cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and finished all the laundry. I also took my daughter to the park and we walked for 30 minutes. Once we got back home I got picture frames hung.
After a little bit of relaxing we went to Ross and Hobby Lobby and picked up a few things to put over the mantle and to hang on the walls. I had my picture frames up there because I had been to lazy to hang them.
I feel accomplished today and my spirit is high, I am ready for the new me, and it feels good!