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Diet and My History of Weight

Well, I actually started dieting yesterday. I am eating between 1000-1200 calories a day and am following a diet plan my sister in law got from her doctor. I am actually doing quite well and I think it’s because I am actually ready to do it. Right now I am not willing to reveal my weight, but once I start losing I will post my actual weight with weight loss. I am going to take pictures as well, but I for sure won’t be posting those until later on too. Not many people know this, and honestly I don’t really talk about it, but in 2005 I weighed 210 lbs, I was a size 17. I just had broken up with my boyfriend and I was determined to lose weight. I actually developed an eating disorder. It was a mixture of anorexia and bulimia. I would only eat around 500 calories a day, but what I did eat I would throw up. I lost 60lbs in 2 months. I was 150lbs and a size 9. I am 5’9″ so that was actually a decent weight for me, but definitely not a healthy way to do it.
I slowly gained back weight and was 185lbs when I got pregnant with my daughter, and then I was a size 12. I really wouldn’t mind being that size again as it’s a good size for me, since I have a large frame and am tall. I would love to be smaller, maybe around an 8 or 10, but I am setting small goals right now.
My husband and I have been trying to conceive baby #2 for 4 cycles now and we are headed on to the 5th with no luck yet. After researching my endometriosis among other things, I believe me being overweight is the main factor as to why I am not ovulating correctly and conceiving. A lot of people have made comments like, well why do you want to lose weight before having a baby. They ask me that like I’m stupid, but I plan on eating healthy throughout my pregnancy, just a higher quantity and caloric intake…not like when I was pregnant last time and ate everything in sight and gained 80 lbs. That way whatever weight I gain will come right off. When I left the hospital 2 days after I had my c-section with my daughter I weighed 200 lbs, only 15lbs more than when I got pregnant, which means I lost 70lbs in 2 days in the hospital. I had unexplained crazy water weight gain among an almost 9lb baby and other things. I had so much water weight gain that I literally couldn’t walk, my ankles would not bend, I couldn’t fit socks on my feet because they were so swollen.
Anyways, today is day 2 of my diet. I have been taking a Weight Smart One A Day vitamin and B-12 for the past week and I can tell you, I have SO much energy just from that. Yesterday I ate a total of 1180 calories. Today I have drank 32 oz of water and had a 230 calorie salad for lunch. I measured out everything for it.
1 cup of romaine
2 tablespoons of Italian dressing
4 cherry tomatoes
2 raw baby carrots
1/8 cup of yellow onion
1 tablespoon of green bell pepper
1/4 cup of frozen corn, thawed
2 oz of grilled boneless skinless chicken breast

I hope to update this frequently to let my mommy friends and fans know that you can do it. I love food and that is one of my main problems, but my daughter and family are my main focus right now, along with myself. Here’s to a new, thinner, healthier, me!