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DIY: How to Store Your Necklaces While Moving


I temporarily moved to my in-law’s last week while we are waiting on our house to sell, before we move on to our new house. I have quite a few of expensive necklaces, and we all know the worst thing ever is getting them tangled and spending hours getting them untangled while getting frustrated beyond belief. I tried to rack my brain on how to come up with a solution and I did. While it’s not a very pretty solution AT all. It really worked and did it’s job of keep them untangled and super easy to transport! That’s what the main focus is here after all 🙂


Now I know this isn’t a great picture, but this is what I started off with. Most of my necklaces are white gold with diamonds, and I didn’t want them ruined.


First off, here are the supplies you need, that I’m 99% sure you have around your home already, so it shouldn’t cost you anything:
Drinking Straws

You will want to undo one necklace at a time and feed it through a straw. If the straw is too long, because it’s a short necklace, you can cut the straw to your desired length. Once you feed the necklace through, you can then fasten the necklace. One side of the necklace will be exposed, but it’s not going anywhere because the straw will keep it straight.

Next you will get your piece of flat cardboard and tape, and you will tape the straw (with your necklace in it) onto the cardboard and that’s it. Continue with the rest of your necklaces, and then you can place them in a box on top of your other belongings, which is what I did.

This is what it should look like when you’re finished! (again sorry for the not so great pic)
The two necklaces on the left wouldn’t fit, so I actually just hung them on my mirror in my truck while traveling.


When I unpacked my box, it was sitting right on top, untouched and none of the necklaces had moved. It was a perfect solution.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this or any other suggestions too!


Saturday 8th of April 2017

This is a great idea! I tend to keep things in their own pouch, but not everything. I dread moving, but I do want to relocate. Good to know!


Wednesday 17th of February 2016

Thanks for the Fantastic Review on DIY: How to Store Your Necklaces While Moving! I think what you did was a terrific idea! Someday when I move I'll remember this and do the exact same thing so that my necklaces stay untangled! This is a really simple procedure to keep your necklaces straight, safe and sound! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, all the pictures, and your personal and professional opinions on DIY: How to Store Your Necklaces While Moving with all of us! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again! Michele :)

Lauryn R

Monday 15th of February 2016

Wow, this is such a creative and fantastic idea! I will definitely be doing this when we move next. Thank for sharing! :)

Laurie Arnheim

Monday 15th of February 2016

GREAT idea! I would of never thought of this! Thanks! Hopefully using this over the summer when we move!


Sunday 14th of February 2016

putting it in a straw is good. that is tedious thought. i put them in socks. thanks for this tip. hope your house sells fast. living with in laws is a blessing and hard.