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Dr. Brown’s Designed to Nourish Feeding Line Review

drbrownsDr. Brown’s is mostly known for their innovative bottles, but they have a lot of great products including their new Designed To Nourish products. I had a chance to work with Dr. Brown’s and review a lot of their great products! I received these products in exchange for my honest review.
designedtonourishdrbrownsproductsSpill Proof Soft Spout Cup and Hard Spout Cup – I received 4 of these in different sizes, 6oz and 9oz. Best part about these, THEY DO NOT LEAK! Which makes them perfect in my book. They also have handles that you can remove, so they are easy for baby to use and grow throughout toddler hood! They are BPA Free and are super easy to clean as well as dishwasher safe.
Make-A-Smash Food Smasher – This is super easy to use and prepare foods on the go while you are out at a restaurant, or traveling. You can mash soft veggies and fruits for your 6 month+ baby to eat.
Long Spatula Spoons– These are one of a kind as I have never seen these anywhere before. They are great to reach the bottoms of baby food jars and get the last drop out. They are great to wipe baby’s mouth to make sure they get all the food too. They allow just the right amount of food for baby’s little mouth too.
Puree & Simple Blender– This is an immersion blender that has 2 speeds. It works REALLY well at pureeing food for baby or even mashing foods. I actually used mine to puree some soup I made the other day and it worked terrific. It’s the perfect handheld size and has just enough power.
Food Storage Pods & Stackable Freezer Tray– These are great when making your own baby foods. It comes with 6 food storage pods and a freezer tray. They are air tight silicone so you can pop out frozen foods. Each pod holds up to 3 ounces of baby food. BPA Free.
Snack-A-Pillar-Spill Proof cups that are great for snacks and liquids at home or even on the go. They have twist and lock lids that cup together for easy travel. I love using these when we go on a weekend trip. I can pack snacks and dips for on the go and they don’t take up much room.
Feeding Bowls– These come in a 2 pack and have a non-skid base, which I love. You don’t have to worry about spills. They are extra deep too which allows for easy feeding and less mess. BPA Free!
Divided Plates– These are my favorite plates I have used for my toddler. They have curved sides for easy feeding and are the perfect size for toddler portions. These also have a non-skid base, which means no spills! BPA Free!
divided plates
My Dots Storage Labels– I love using these for when I make my baby’s food, so I know to use the oldest foods first. They are great to label the date and food, or even who they are for. They are also microwave and freezer safe.

I recommend checking out the newest products from Dr. Brown’s their Designed to Nourish line! Look for them at Babies R Us, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, and The Baby Depot!