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How the Feeling Buddies Toolkit (Manual for your child) Worked for Us #FB4F

Everything Mommyhood was compensated for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are those of our own.

Everything Mommyhood was chosen as a mom blog ambassador for Feeling Buddies through Conscious Discipline quite a few months ago and I’m so super excited to update you on this journey as I tried the five steps for self-regulation with my two daughters. You can read our first introductory post here.

I know with my first child, the terrible twos, then the “threenager” stage, and so on, I had no idea what to do. Every day was a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of day as a new mom. Now that I have two girls, I feel most days like “I got this” but then some days throw me for a loop and just make me question my sanity. My girls did not come with manuals, WHY???

Now that we have had the opportunity to try out this program for the past few months, I’m so excited to share everything with my readers. Having two girls who are completely opposites, I hope I can provide some insight on how this program goes with each of them differently so you will be interested in this for your children too!

With my youngest starting Kindergarten this school year, and she’s pretty much been at home with me, with no playmates, I felt it was very very important to concentrate on her most with this program to get her feelings to the surface to get her communicating most instead of my 8 year old. My 8 year old is very mature for her age, and I will say I did like how this program worked with her too, even though she thought it was silly in the beginning (8 going on 15, sorry).

Your Feeling Buddies Toolkit includes “Feeling Buddies” plushies with a carrying case, that can help your child put a name to their emotions and feelings, along with a very well-written book that talks about each feeling, what it’s called, and how to work through it. This includes breathing, getting calm, going to a place they feel safe, and much more.  The Feeling Buddies and book are so great for the child(ren) and parent to understand one another.

When I first started using the Feeling Buddies Toolkit with both of my kids, I waited until they were fully upset about something. It was frustrating, because at this point we were really not being able to communicate. The key with this program is using it at the first signs of something upsetting your child. It’s so much easier to communicate at that point, and I will tell you after using this for I’d say about 2 weeks, both of my kids were grabbing the plushies right away, sometimes without direction from me. Now that it’s been a few months of using this program, I will be completely honest and say that we don’t really use the plushies anymore, BUT my children are more vocal about how they are feeling and it’s SOOOO much nicer to deal with anything thanks to the Feeling Buddies Toolkit.

I recommend having your carrying case in an area they can easily get to without having to ask, and I also recommend having a safe quiet place where your child can go to…you can have something like a bean bag chair with a comfy blanket and a stuffed animal in a corner away from everything. You can even have your carrying case there too. My kids now no that they can go to that place and not be bothered too. They like to read there and take a little rest away from everything else going on.

If you’re having any kind of issues with your kids, for example, I just went through a divorce, so becoming the main parent with them, I had to figure out everything to work with them to be able to communicate with just me. Any major change in your life can effect your children, so with all of that happening with us, and then my youngest going to Kindergarten soon, I knew I had to get a handle on everyone’s feelings to make everything work a lot stressless (I know that’s not a word, but I’m making it a word) for us to all get along.

I also love the CD, Listen to Your Feelings, that comes with the program, we use it here and there instead of the TV or iPad being used. I’ll just put it on and they pick up things from it too,  as well as myself.

All in all, I HIGHLY recommend this program. I probably would have never even tried to use this program, but I hope this insight helps you decide to use it. It worked really well with my girls that are 5 & 8. I can see it working for even younger kids too. Five stars from us!

Buy it: You can purchase your at home Feeling Buddies kit for only $99.

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Linda Manns Linneman

Sunday 13th of August 2017

I love this idea. We need to work with our children on communicating and how to deal with their emotions. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless