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A Guide to Sharing Your Hobby With Your Child

A Guide to Sharing Your Hobby with Your Child

Introducing your child to new and exciting hobbies not only keeps them entertained but it helps them to learn new skills in a fun environment. If you already take your child to weekly dance classes, pay for piano lessons or football practice, these are all activities in which you sit on the sidelines. Discovering a hobby that you can both take part in can be very rewarding and so with this in mind, here are three ways to share your current interest with your child.

Create Hype around Your Hobby

In order to encourage your child to give your hobby a try, you must pique his or her interest. Your child may not be forthcoming when it comes to joining in if you aren’t enthusiastic about it yourself. Remember, this exercise isn’t about forcing the things you love on your child but simply letting them observe you in your element. For example, if you like fixing up cars in your spare time let your child observe you in action. Similarly, if you are a huge fan of tennis, invite your child down to watch a game. Remember to educate your child throughout and answer any questions he or she may have about your chosen pastime. Giving your child a few small tasks such as keeping score can ensure they feel involved but not pressured to take part.

Be Consistent

Once you have shared the joys of your favorite pastime with your child, it is important to be consistent. If they have shown an interest in your hobby, it is essential that you are willing to put in the time and nurture their skills. Break them in slowly and turn the time you have with them into an adventure. For example if your child has accompanied you on a few fishing trips, why not stock up on fishing essentials and take your child on a weekend trip and experience a change of scenery?

Stay Calm

Sharing your hobby with your child is supposed to be a fun experience for everyone involved but that’s not to say you won’t find it frustrating at times. There is a high chance that your equipment may be damaged while your child learns the ropes but it is important to remember that the purpose is to spend more time with your child so make a conscious effort to create a relaxing environment.

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Terri S

Saturday 5th of July 2014

Great tips. Thank you so much for sharing!