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Guest post from Whoz The Daddy.


Better the Devil You Know

The process of finding out who your father is, or the father of your child, can be extremely grueling. For years you may have wondered and maybe now the time has come to find out. Making the decision to act is certainly not an easy one. Finding out who he is could let you have some closure, or may even give you the option to reconnect, should you wish to. For mothers, it can also provide the relief of knowing now, so you can plan.

Find Out the Father

In the early stages of pregnancy it’s vital to gain clarity on who the father is of your child. At one time, not knowing who the father was of your child was frowned upon. These days attitudes have rightfully adjusted, and it’s easy to comprehend how this can happen to people who respect themselves and their partners. Not knowing who a child’s father is can delay many things. One of those is the planning for when they enter into the world. Responsibilities will be placed on certain people, and it’s important that everybody concerned gets the opportunity to get their head around everything.

The Benefits of Knowing

Finding out the father of your baby will help you move forward. Some people will be overjoyed that it’s the person that they are currently with. However, others might be disappointed with the outcome. Either way, this knowledge now means plans can be put in motion. At the end of the day the most important person in this situation is the baby. Therefore, taking the DNA test is a big step forward towards getting everything ready for when they arrive. For children who want to find out their father, the discovery will provide mixed emotions. On one hand it could give them the green light to find out who they are and meet them. Alternatively, it can be hard to find out who they are, but at least the troubles of not knowing will be over.

The Process

DNA tests are available from a wide range of sources such as the company General Genetics. The vast majority of tests are almost 100% accurate with their findings. These are personal issues that require sensitivity. Therefore, you can be assured you will get that through the testing process. The best options will require you not to have to take blood. With a simple swab of the mouth the results can be found, which should take up to a week to be communicated.

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Wednesday 4th of December 2013

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