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Hi, I’m Janessa!

You may have noticed that this blog has been a bit more active lately and there have been a few changes. Some of you have followed this blog and Darci (the original creator of this blog) for years. She and I started blogging right around the same time and have known each other online for quite a while.

Janessa Solem standing outside

Darci recently decided that she didn’t have time to blog anymore and I was looking for a second blog, so I’ll be taking Everything Mommyhood over.

Why? Well, when I started my first blog almost 13 years ago, I named it Thrifty Nifty Mommy. It was a quick decision, really I started the blog on a whim and never really imagined I’d still be blogging today.

I still blog quite a bit at Thrifty Nifty Mommy but over the years I sometimes get comments about “well, that’s not thrifty”. Yes, not everything in my life is thrifty anymore. I have seven children and sometimes I do pay more for convenience OR for better quality because I need it to last.

I decided that having two blogs would let me expand in ways I have wanted to for years. On this blog, I’ll be sharing, well, everything mommyhood. And, on my original blog, I hope to take it somewhat back to its roots and share more about thrifty living.

A Little Bit About Me

As I mentioned, I’m a mom of 7 (yes 7) children. They range in age from 5 months up to 12 years. I also homeschool my children. We live in the country in the great state of West Virginia. Our family is Christian and our faith is very important to us. You’ll probably see me talk about it here quite a bit.

Janessa Solem and family
My family

I hope you’ll stick around! I’ve got lots of great ideas for this site and will hopefully add on a few other mom writers in the near future too!

Sheri Newell Anderson

Monday 13th of February 2023

This sounds awesome and happy for you! I’ve been following for years and enjoy your blog, now blogs. Im also a Christian and have 4 grown children, two boys and two girls and 4 grandchildren, two boys and two girls. It’s such a blessing!

Janessa Solem

Saturday 18th of February 2023

That makes me so happy you've been following for so long. Thank you! That's wonderful about your children and grandchildren! I hope you get to see them often!