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Keep Your Home & Family Safe

None of us really know where this global pandemic will lead to as far as safety in our homes, whether there’s a pandemic or not, it’s always good to have our homes as safe as possible. We recently were contacted to do a sponsored post by to share their product, and I think it would be a great edition to any home for that extra sense of security. It’s always great to have a peace of mind to know that your family is extra safe in their own home. I know we are, especially having four girls in our home.

Personally, I recently learned some home installed cameras and even doorbells can be hacked and then strangers can have access to your home, thankfully this is not the case with Lockibly! This is why I’m really in love with all of the Lockibly products that they have to offer.

Lockibly employs maximum security technology used by governments and security firms. Its locks feature fingerprint recognition, advanced encryption, Bluetooth connectivity, and 1-year battery life. And most importantly, the locks can be installed at home in minutes with no need for a locksmith or technician.

Lockibly locks keep your home safe by keeping your lock offline. Other smart locks require an app or cloud access or offer online features that can make your home vulnerable to hackers. Lockibly operates via fingerprint recognition and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. And it encrypts all information that comes through your devices. In this way, you can enjoy smart access to your home and advanced security features without the risks of having the locks to your home on the internet.

Reasons why Lockibly is a great idea!

Fingerprint recognition, up to 100 distinct fingerprints
Entry via Bluetooth
Connected through Bluetooth (not an app)
Automatically locks 3 seconds after the door is shut
One 30 minute charge lasts a whole year of usage
Quick and easy installation, no crazy wiring or drilling required
No hackers!

Lockibly has launched an offering of these locks: Aura, Veti, Hermes, and Activa

Activa is a smart lock with fingerprint recognition. It will unlock your door instantly when your finger touches the handle and lock automatically after closing to ensure your home is always secure. Activa has a rounded handle that gives it a contemporary look.

The Hermes is a versatile smart lock and the flagship design from Lockibly. It features fingerprint recognition and all of the benefits of Activa, as well as Bluetooth technology and advanced encryption. Activa allows for remote lock control without online access, eliminating the possibility of interference by hackers. Hermes is available in three color options.

The Veti is a smart lock with a passcode combination, as well as the fingerprint recognition, as well as all of the benefits of the Activa, including Bluetooth technology and advanced encryption. Activa allows for remote lock control without online access, eliminating the possibility of interference by hackers.

The Aura Smartlock is shaped more like an actual doorknob, and you still have all of the great features mentioned above, as well as a special token that can unlock it as well. Along with all of those great features, you also have the ability to schedule times, say for employees or family members, in addition, allowing only temporary access too. The Aura also features real-time attendance tracking by using the app and you can see who used the codes or accessed the Aura at anytime of day.

Where to purchase Lockibly products

You can purchase Lockibly products online – CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
Keep a lookout for new products as well, as they have new items in the works.

Putting apps and the profits that come with online tech aside, they went to work to design a smart lock that circumvented the risks of the internet while making life simpler for the average user. After hundreds of prototypes, they realized that fingerprint access and encrypted offline access were the only ways to ensure a safe smart lock. And with that, the first Lockibly locks were developed.

Lockibly’s line of smart locks is now available to homeowners worldwide at Lockibly plans to produce more smart home security products upon the success of their new locks.

Connect with Lockibly

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What are your thoughts on Lockibly? Is this something you’d like to use in your home or business?

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Sunday 5th of April 2020

I like the idea of a fingerprint to open your door. We have a lock that needs to enter a code. I'm confused that Lockibly uses bluetooth which can be hacked. Still looks interesting!

Tamra Phelps

Thursday 2nd of April 2020

I've heard about people being able to hack security systems, too. Lockibly does sound a lot more secure.