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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Outdoors

I have another great article for you from one of our awesome blog contributors.

Garden Safety – Peace of Mind for Playing Outdoors

Much is made of the benefits of fresh air and exercise for young children, and “playing out” whether it is in the winter snow or spring sunshine, is unquestionably great for your kid’s health and development. Making your garden a safe space for your children to play is a must.

Security – In the first instance, if your yard isn’t already surrounded by a fence that should be your first priority. Excited children are unlikely to remember set boundaries and if a ball rolls out into the road, an unthinking child might instinctively follow it. Fence in your child’s ‘play space’ and make sure to set clear rules about being accompanied if they move outside it.

Make sure gates are secured – Barrier Components have an excellent range of catches and closers; all children break rules sometimes so reinforcing the instruction to not leave the confines of the fenced play area with a secure gate is a must.

Potential Hazards – Do a hazard assessment of your outdoor space. A garden may seem like a safe area on the surface, but there are many potential dangers. If you have a pond, buy a heavy duty cover for when your children are playing energetic outdoor games. Even if the water is shallow, a knock or fall can disorient a child and panic can lead to drowning in even a few inches of water. Similarly, if you have trees or outdoor structures that your child will potentially try to climb, consider either fencing it off or investing in some soft surfaces for the ground.

Even things that are designed to be played with are a potential hazard. Trampolines should always be surrounded with high netting to prevent falls that can result in broken bones, and should only be positioned on completely level ground. If you have a swing set, ensure that it is securely fastened to the ground and that you check ropes and seats regularly for fraying and cracks.

Above all, never let your children play unsupervised, even if that means making sure they are playing in a space overlooked by a large window. Accidents will happen and for the most part they will be the minor bumps and scrapes that all children get from time to time, but even the safest seeming play areas can be dangerous when they are unsupervised.

Terri S

Monday 21st of July 2014

Great tips. Thank you so much for sharing.