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Kroger Grocery Trip: 1/26

Today was my first experience with the coupon police I hear about. I was told I could not use coupons on item’s that are marked down, which I had a ton of them in my cart, but I had done it plenty of times before. So I had to call for a manager and was told that I could indeed use them as long as the coupon did not exceed the price of the item. Which none of them did. I got some yogurt for 19 cents a box and the cashier about had a fit. I seriously felt offended on how I was treated by the cashier. I am going to make it known, and I plan on writing Kroger about the incident…also, I will be going to a different Kroger from now on that has never given me problems, and in fact they applaud me for my coupon usage. I always follow the rules and am just a stay at home mom trying to save a few bucks. I had to do two transactions, since I had to wait on the manager ok for the marked down items with coupons.

Anyways here’s my list and prices:
Transaction 1:
Barilla Pasta Sauce $2.59, had a free coupon
Barilla Pasta $1, had a free coupon
Valentine’s Day Cards, $1.49 they were 25% off
3 Lean Pockets $1.70 each, $1.25 coupon= $3.85
2 Nestle Tollhouse Filled Cookies $2.09 each, had 2 $1 off coupons= $2.18
Kroger Sour Cream $1
Dove Dark Chocolate $.79 (impulse buy!)
Pamper Baby Wipes $1.49, had $1 coupon= $.49
10 Cans of Progresso Soup $9.99, had 5 $.50 coupons when you buy 2, $7.49
10 Cans of Del Monte Vegetables, $4.99
Grapes, $2.53 ($1.48/lb)
Kens Vidalia Dressing, $1.79, had $1 coupon=$.79
Kroger Chopped Frozen Spinach $1.49
3 Hunts Fire Roasted Tomatoes, $1.49- $1 coupon off 3= $.49 for 3 cans!
2 Kroger Shredded Cheese, Buy One Get One, $3
Kroger Baby Carrots, $2.19-$.40 coupon=$1.79 (these were marked $1.59 and I didn’t see this til now…)
12 pack of toilet paper (not pictured) $3.99
Tax $3.79
Total before coupons and instant savings, and Mega Sale= $90.49
Total after coupons and savings=$39.54, only 56% savings

Transaction #2:
Glade Sense and Spray, normally $8.99, marked to $4.49, had $3 off coupon=$1.49
4 Glade Candles, normally $4.99 each, marked to $.69, had $1.50 off coupon=$1.26
3 Danimal Yogurt Tubes, normally $2.99, marked to $1.29, had 3 $.55 coupons, doubled to $1.10=.57
Tax  $.61
Total Before Coupons and Mark Downs, $38.53
Total after coupons $3.74, 90% Savings!!!

For a grand total of $129.02 before coupons, $43.28 after coupons!!!


Friday 28th of January 2011

E-coupons that you load to your card from the store website,, P&G E-saver, Sunday paper, magazines, and from the companies themselves by writing them compliments.


Friday 28th of January 2011

Where do you find your coupons? Is it an online site or from the paper?


Thursday 27th of January 2011

you did WONDERFUL!!! And no, you did not do anything wrong. I'm so thankful that the manager allowed you to use your coupons as you were ethically doing. Thanks for sharing your trip, what an encouragement!! Great job :)