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Loperamide: What We Need to Know As Parents #ReadTheLabels

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No one likes to talk about diarrhea. Let’s face it though, it happens. Whether we’ve been traveling, had too many sweets, or just hit with a nasty stomach bug, diarrhea isn’t pleasant for anyone. 70% of travelers actually suffer from diarrhea, which adults usually choose to ride it out. As parents, we tend to look for something over the counter to help our children. Children usually have 5-7 diarrhea episodes a year. I know I always reach for an over the counter medicine that contains loperamide to help my kids, and occasionally myself.

What is loperamide?

The active ingredient in many over the counter remedies is loperamide. Loperamide, if taken as it’s recommended dosage, helps wonders, and is COMPLETELY safe. If loperamide is taken in large quantities, it actually mimics the effects of opioids. In other words, it gives a high. There have been reports of teenagers using loperamide to get “high”. In addition, loperamide doesn’t directly address the underlying issue of diarrhea, it only has an effect on relieving the symptoms.

Within the past year, the FDA has asked retailers to voluntarily stop carrying large quantities of loperamide for this reason. While it’s not required by retailers yet, it’s good to hear the FDA is on top of this. Thankfully some retailers are complying with this request from the FDA.

As a mom to two girls, one who is almost a teenager, I try to keep up with important information like this and educate myself and others. I never know when something like this may come up in the future. We all know peer pressure is definitely real with friends, most of us have been there. Parents and other consumers of loperamide should be aware of the potential of abuse of any loperamide over the counter products. Make sure you check labels next time you purchase an anti-diarrhea relief, over the counter medication.

If you have any concerns or questions, or need further medical advice, I highly recommend you consult your physician. I also recommend researching this topic, and spreading the word to your family and friends.

Remember, loperamide is completely safe if taken as recommended. When taken in excess quantities is when it becomes an issue. Opioids are a huge problem these days, and it’s so important we are educated on the topic of opioids as well as drugs, like loperamide, that can mimic the same effects.

Were you previously aware of loperamide and its effects?


Friday 26th of October 2018

I've been on Loperamide for a couple years as a regular medicine, to help control my chronic diarrhea. It is basically known as the generic drug IMMODIUM. Due to healthcare costs and prescription plans these days, it's easier to get IMMODIUM prescribed as a generic drug (loperamide), than pay over the counter prices for boxes of the name brand medication. I would only suggest this route, if there is a chronic problem, like I have, and then it becomes cheaper in the long run.

Melissa Crane

Thursday 25th of October 2018

Great info~my kids do take something, but I just checked and it does not include loperamide, but I will keep my eyes open for it in other over the counter meds. Thank you for sharing this important info!

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