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Make Money Blogging


I get so many people asking me how do you make money blogging? I definitely don’t make much, but I do make some…but most of it gets put back into the blog.



If you’re a blogger and would like to join my media group, click here.

I figured I would compile a list for you all to use! (Some of these are affiliate links, as they will help me out for referring you!)

Social Spark– I get several sponsored posts a month through them. They pay through PayPal.

Connect With Advertisers - Sign up for SocialSpark!

Sverve– They post different campaigns where you complete a task, like a review/giveaway, app, etc and they pay via PayPal as well.

PostJoint– Guest Posts, Original Content Pays $0-$200 per post. Lots of opportunities to apply for.

Sponsored Tweets– This one is pretty self explanatory, you’re sponsored by a company, to tweet a tweet.
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Share A Sale – I highly recommend this one. You will sign up to share different sales for different companies. I will list the ones below that I do so you can sign up for each as well. I have made a few hundred dollars off of them in just one month. (Pay through Check or Bank Account)

The merchants that I am signed up under through Share a Sale that I have the most success with are:
Tea Collection
Kiwi Crate
Tiny Prints
Mod Cloth
Stella and Dot
Gymboree/Crazy8– Sign up here to do PAID giveaways!! This is formerly known as Sponsored Giveaways.

Amazon Associates– This is only beneficial to you if you link to a lot of Amazon products. You earn a certain percentage of Amazon sales through your links. You get paid via Amazon Gift Card for this.

Centerpoint Media- I earn roughly $150 a month or so from this. It does require work though, but it’s worth it. I do believe this is invite only. I do not have an invitation link as of right now.

Paula Ball

Thursday 7th of March 2019

Seriously, I had no idea a person could do this. I'm disabled & spend a bunch of time doing nothing. How cool would it be to make money while busy doing what I do? I'm off to check it out!


Wednesday 2nd of May 2018

I have fought with myself regarding blogging ever since I started following and reading these reviews. I have noticed the dedication, time, and hard work that goes into keeping these blogs going! I’m afraid I wouldn’t have the same commitment that you and other bloggers have.!i’m also afraid that my health issues would also hinder me! Keep up the good work!

Nicole Becker

Friday 7th of July 2017

I have always wanted to start blogging!! So thank u for this post. I had no idea I could make money doing it too. I am always on the computer so I might as well make some money!! Thanks for the great tips.

Regina Elliott

Monday 4th of April 2016

Had no idea you could make money blogging !!! If I had the time I would definitely do this


Wednesday 2nd of October 2013

I am a new blogger and how to make money is a big question in my mind. Thanks for posting. I am enjoying blogging but there's so much to learn. Thanks for the free info!