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Mojobot – Kids Coding Robot & Board Game Review

STEM education, or even STEAM as they use in my child’s elementary school, is a new teaching fundamental these days. If you do not know what STEM is, it stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEAM is the same, but with the addition of Art. I absolutely love that my daughters are at the age that they get to experience STEM in their day to day education at school. This is why I’m in love with the Mojobot, and I’m so ecstatic that they sent this to our family to try out.

My daughter’s father is actually an Electrical Engineer and works with coding every day, so I just knew my eldest daughter would absolutely love that Mojobot sent this to us to review. Mojobot is currently on Kickstarter. It’s the world’s first tangible coding robot and board game. Mojobot is a stacked robot equipped with sensors, that is capable of picking up and carrying around game tokens. There’s nothing better than using fun to integrate into learning! It sure helps to keep my daughters attention. Heck, it keeps my attention too.

What is Mojobot?

Mojobot allows your children (or you) to play a board game with a set of cards that send you on missions. You set up a code via the console where you will place the tags that instruct the robot what to do. Which the robot uses bluetooth to work. If for some reason the code your child has set up on the console is incorrect, it won’t work. You’ll have to use your brain to debug it to then make it work. (Don’t mind the fact that my girls didn’t set up the board correctly, it actually worked with how they set it up anyway.)

I absolutely was in awe of how well my older girls worked together to actually code. They could make the robot do what they wanted it to do. Of course they came across a few hiccups as it didn’t do what they wanted, but they quickly figured it out. To be honest it amazed me on how easily they took to playing with Mojobot. The book that it comes with is very thorough and is easy to read with wonderful directions. They even taught me quite a bit. They were easily busy for well over an hour, but we had to cut it short.

I can’t wait to get Mojobot back out and play it as a family with all four girls and my boyfriend. I love that you can play it as a board game, all while learning, and best yet, with no screens in front of our faces. I’m always encouraging the girls to play with educational toys, without screen time, so this will help out tremendously in keeping them busy. The best part is, it’s a different mission and game, every single time. No more, “I’m bored” comments will be heard, hopefully. Ha.

Where can I get Mojobot?

Currently Mojobot is on Kickstarter now through May 8th! Check it out here. We have the original kit as well as the expansion pack. I give Mojobot 5 stars, and I am crossing my fingers that this product gets fully funded as this is a great learning tool. Not only for kids, but the entire family.

As you can see on the back of the packaging, you get a lot of great inclusions with the Mojobot as well as the expansion kit. The instructions that come with both of these sets are so well detailed and are very explanatory.

Recommended ages 4-99! Make sure you check it out on Kickstarter.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this product. Does your child participate in STEM (or STEAM)? Do you think this would be a benefit to your family?

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