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My Job Chart – How to instill responsibility into your child.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of My Job Chart, all of our opinions are 100% our own and were not influenced in any way.
My Job Chart believes so strongly that being charitable is a trait that can be taught, that the company made sharing an important function of its system. Now is the time to raise our kids right and instill good values and morals into them. If you haven’t heard of My Job Chart before it is a completely free online job center that uses the latest technology to replace all those job charts that hang on walls or refrigerators, but are often forgotten. Kids can complete assigned jobs, receive compensation and learn how to save, spend and share money wisely. It could be the key to improving philanthropy in our country as well as helping parents teach their kids important lessons in personal finance.
chalkboardMJC is easy to use and the perfect way to teach your children responsibility, accountability and time management. Working together with their children, parents can instill a sense of generosity which could grow as the child grows. With the 2014 year coming up, now’s the time to get your child working on a routine, becoming more organized, and keeping track of their assigned jobs or chores. What better way to teach them, then now with the Holiday season upon us. For better or worse, the holiday season now centers around two basic principles – giving and receiving. At a young age, children learn these from parents, TV or friends that drive home these two points during the final 30 days (or so) of the year. As a parent, make it a point to focus on the giving side of the argument whenever possible.

Using MJC is the perfect FREE program to do just that. It’s easy to get your child an account set up for them to use. Just set up their daytime and night time jobs.
ScreenshotMJCWhile other “piggy bank” websites rely on parents just giving their kids money to spend, save or share, MJC adds accountability and work ethic into the formula.  Kids complete projects around the house to earn the money they get to share, save or earn. Once your child signs into his/her account they can check off each chore that they do. For their rewards, they can earn money or just fun things around the house, like quality time with dad or a toy they have been wanting. If you want to teach them about giving, MJC even has a few charities that you can donate to as well.

Life is full of teaching moments and My Job Chart helps parents take full advantage of them. Now is the time to teach our children responsibility, and accountability. MJC is the perfect place for parents and kids to come together to create a plan on how to earn, save and share money. MJC helps show kids that hard work does pay and that no one gets a free ride. Make sure you check them out and sign up your child with an account. | Facebook | Twitter

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