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Nutrisystem- End of Week 4 #NSNation #Spon


#spon #ad #NSNation Hubby and I finished Week 4 of Nutrisystem! I believe my body has hit a plateau, but I’m glad I’m still losing a bit . I’m hoping this next week it will start kicking in again for me. Luckily this diet is easy to follow and tastes pretty well. I believe it has taught my husband and I better eating habits, and items we can and cannot eat.

I have lost a little over 10lbs in just 4 weeks, and hubby is almost at 10lbs in 4 weeks, our clothes are already fitting a bit looser, so we are both feeling great! My inches stayed the same this week, but I did go out and buy some smaller shirts and they fit great!

Here’s a comparison of me so far:


I can see a huge (pun intended) difference!

Here’s our weigh in for WEEK FOUR:

Starting Weight: 246.0 lbs
End of Week One: 241.6 lbs (Loss of 4.4lbs)
End of Week Two: 237.6 lbs (Loss of 4lbs)
End of Week Three: 236.8lbs (Loss of 0.8lbs)
End of Week Four: 235.4lbs (Loss of 1.4lbs)
TOTAL Weight Loss: 10.6 lbs
Height: 5’9″

Starting Weight: 266.4 lbs
End of Week One: 263.0 lbs (Loss of 3.4lbs)
End of Week Two: 260.0lbs (Loss of 3lbs)
End of Week Three: 259.4lbs (Loss of 0.6lbs)
End of Week Four: 257.0 (Loss of 2.4lbs)
TOTAL Weight Loss: 9.4lbs
Height: 6’0″

Onto week FIVE!!!!!

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Denise Kasbohm

Monday 6th of May 2013

You look amazing!! Keep it up and Good luck. :o)