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One More Week

I have been busy packing packing packing!! I only have about 10% left to do, along with our day to day stuff! Things are going to be crazy starting tomorrow, I will be spending the day at my moms. Saturday we are going to Orlando to hang out with some friends at their pool party, and Sunday, Orange City to visit Tim’s Grammy. Then I will have Mon-Thurs to finish anything up…pack up all the kitchen stuff, pack our clothes and stuff up into suitcases…and Friday after hubby gets off work we are heading to Mississippi. Right now I am still unsure of what day the moving company is even coming! I have so much running through my head, that I can’t even sleep tonight.
Anyways, so I am sure I will be MIA a lot, and once we get to MS I am not even sure when we will have internet! It’s a holiday weekend, so I won’t be able to even schedule anything for a few days…
I will update on facebook how things are going through my iphone…until then, I hope everyone has a good weekend ahead and a good Memorial Day next weekend!!
(Note to self and fans: Don’t EVER go to CVS to buy packing tape because you ran out, it cost me $8.79 for a roll that costs $2.75 at Walmart!!!)