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Orchid Baby Wear for the Modern Baby & Mom

It seems so many of my friends are having babies these days, while I’m done having kids personally, I still love to tell my readers about amazing, super cute finds. The owner of Orchid Baby Wear shared with me their knotted baby gowns, hats, and bows, so she asked if I would share with all of you, so yes, of course, this is a sponsored post. I really would have absolutely loved to have these when my girls were babies

Who is Orchid Baby Wear?

Orchid Baby Wear was founded in 2019, and was established for the modern momma. Their goal was to provide cute, modern baby wear options to moms without breaking the bank. They definitely achieved that goal!

What does Orchid Baby Wear Have to Offer?

Orchid Baby Wear has super cute, and may I add, SUPER SOFT, knotted gowns. Their gowns are made out of 95% rayon and 5% spandex. This combination of materials makes the gown super soft, super stretchy and super comfortable for your little one. Not only do they have gowns, but they also have bows and hats to match your little ones gowns.

What I really like about them is not only are the super soft, but a few other things: they are knotted at the bottom which means no need for those pesky socks that easily fall off, they can easily be unknotted for diaper changes, they keep baby feel safe and secure like a momma’s huge, and the sleeves can even fold over baby’s hands, so they can’t scratch themselves.

All of those features make diaper changes a breeze, especially those in the middle of the night. Not only that, they’re not just for wearing at night, but they can be worn during the day too. These would be the perfect gift for a new baby, I know I will be buying one or two for one of my friend’s upcoming baby showers. The Orchid Baby Gown would be the perfect outfit to bring your newborn baby home in, but not only that, perfect for those newborn pictures.


The Orchid Baby Gown will fit newborns, but also fit up to 3 months and are recommended for 5lbs – 15lbs.

Buy It

Each gown comes with a headband and a hat for a great price of only $17.99.
That’s a STEAL! At this time they come in Maroon, Olive Green, and Black & White Striped. I highly recommend to buy your baby a super cute Orchid Baby Gown, or two or three from Orchid Baby Wear.

Connect with Orchid Baby Wear

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I highly recommend to buy your baby a super cute Orchid Baby Gown, or two or three from Orchid Baby Wear. I know I will be buying some for my pregnant friends in the future.

What do you think about Orchid Baby Wear? What’s the best item you’ve received as a gift for a newborn?

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