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Pampers Savings

First off let me start off by saying, Swagbucks are awesome!!! If you don’t know what Swagbucks are, you need to join by clicking here. It’s a search engine that you use just like you would google, bing, msn, yahoo, etc. You earn swagbucks that you turn in for prizes once you have reached enough for your prize. Last month I earned $25 in Amazon gift cards just by searching for things I normally search for on a day to day basis. If you have any more questions about SB, please ask!
Amazon is having a sale right now 15% off Pampers, and if you join the “subscribe and save” you can get another 15% off, and 2 day shipping is FREE. You can cancel the subscription right after you get your diapers delivered. I just bought an economy pack of 176 Pampers Baby Dry diapers for $10.67 shipped. I used some of my amazon gift cards, but even without that, the diapers are a super good deal!! Check it out!