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Peckish Snacks Subscription Box Review


Have you heard of Peckish? I am in love with this subscription box. I have been on a health food kick lately so this definitely satisfies all of my cravings.

Peckish is a subscription box of snacks you can have delivered to your home or office, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You will receive 3 full size healthy, nutritionist approved, snacks.

Here’s the box I received, The Energy Booster Box


and up close


Energy Booster- Almonds, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, and Sunflower Seeds.

Sweet and Tart- Almonds, Pineapple, Organic Chocolate

Veggie Lover (my favorite!)- Carrots, Sweet Potato, Taro, Purple Sweet Potato, Green Beans and Sea Salt

Peckish also tossed in a little container of Sweet Peanuts and Coconut. The peanuts were very good and I didn’t try the coconut as it’s like the only food I do not like. My husband said it was good though!

I was really impressed with these snacks. I’m not much of a snacker, but I do get a little craving here and there, so having this box full of snacks around was great. I didn’t feel guilty grabbing a handful of something here and there. They all tasted great. My favorite was the Veggie Lover. They were like chips but so much flavorful and satisfying, and not greasy. My next favorite was Sweet & Tart. I LOVE Pineapple, so those were really good, along with the organic chocolate and almonds. It was a great mix. The Energy Booster was a bunch of nuts, I thought they were good, but not great. I think they would be a bit better if there were some sea salt added or something to give a bit of flavor.

If you want to order, go HERE and you will get $5 off your first order, making your box only $9.99. You can pick what type of box you’re looking for such as The Nutrition Box, The Energy Booster Box, The Protein Box, The Sweet Tooth Box, The Light Box, or the Surprise Me! Box.


Monday 18th of November 2013

I've seen a number of subscription boxes, but this one looks outstanding - the only one so far that I would consider getting. I'm amazed I've never heard of this company before!!!

Donna George

Friday 15th of March 2013

I think I would like the veggie lover too. Sounds delicious

Kathy Smith

Friday 15th of March 2013

I have never heard of this company, but I like snacks like this. I like all nuts and pumpkins and sunflower seeds. The veggie lover you talked about sounds yummy. Thanks for review.

Renee Griffin

Friday 15th of March 2013

Wow, I am interested in subscribing to a service for children, do you have any advise or recommendations.

natalie nichols

Friday 15th of March 2013

I just want to add that the pineaapple looks really good. I would love to veggie one.