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Piyo Piyo Feeding Products Review

piyologoI was recently contacted by Piyo Piyo to review some of their super cute feeding sets, thanks so much to them for providing me with their cute products to facilitate my review. Here’s a little about Piyo Piyo taken from their website!
theirstoryPiyo Piyo sent me a couple of different things to review. We received the Piyo Piyo Cup, Piyo Piyo Spoon & Chopsticks Set, and Piyo Piyo Dining Set.

piyopiyocollageI have to say, I thought all of their products were quite adorable with the little duckling. My girls love using these products. The quality of their products really great, they are built to last, which is very important to me. There’s nothing worse than buying stuff for your kids and it breaking after a few uses. We have been using these for over a month and they look as good as new.

They are dishwasher safe as well which is very important as a mom, since I’m limited on time. I’m always busy, so be able to throw these products into the dishwasher is a plus. These sizes of the bowls for both of my girls aged 22 months and 5 years old, are perfect as well, and they are perfect for their little hands to carry and hold. My 5 year old LOVES using the chopsticks and I love being able to let my 22 month old try using them as well. The chopsticks helps with little ones motor skills. The drinking cup is just so cute, this is my 5 year old’s water cup for at night before bed. She calls it her “ducky cup.”

Piyo Piyo has a wide variety of products for feeding from birth up to preschoolers, clothing, bath, potty, nursery, and babycare. Their products would be perfect to have for a baby shower, welcoming baby gift, or even birthday or Christmas.

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Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own and were not influenced in any way. My opinions may differ from those of your own.