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Oh the Nostalgia! Polly Pocket is Back!!! #PollyAtWalmart

“This post is sponsored by Mattel, but all opinions are my own.”

I can hardly contain myself, my inner 90s child is screaming right now. All 90s kids rejoice! What’s more fascinating than a toy set you can carry in your pocket? When I saw that Polly Pocket was making a comeback and we were headed to Walmart- I knew I had to buy them all for my daughters. I prayed that they would love them just the same.

We received quite a few play sets to check out and my kids were over the moon excited.

-Polly Pocket Dance Part-aay Case
-Polly Pocket Skate Rockin Polly
-Polly Pocket Sweet Treat Compact
-Polly Pocket Karaoke Queen Shani
-Polly Pocket Flamingo Floatie Compact
-2 Tiny Pocket Polly Pocket Compacts

The Dance Par-taay case, was a favorite of Emma’s as she LOVES to dance. It contains a limo, dolls, and accessories. It opens to reveal a larger dance-themed Polly world that is great to take on-the-go for movin’ and groovin’ play anytime. It comes with a guitar, tripod, chair, microphone, Polly and Lila dolls. The case itself comes with all kinds of hidden secrets inside.

The Polly Pocket Dance Part-aay case is available at Walmart and click to add to cart here.

The Tiny Polly Pockets are SO cute. They really are tiny, and they come with a ring you can hook to them, that’s the size of a keychain hoop. They both contain a cute scenery with built-in hidden items. The girls really enjoyed playing with these, and they loved that they could bring the dolls in their purses for on-the-go play!

The Tiny Pocket Places Picnic Portable Compact and the Tiny Pocket Places Fiercely Fab Studio Portable Compact are both available at Walmart and Click here to add to cart.

We also received the Sweet Treat Compact and the Flamingo Floatie Compact (MY FAVORITE) and they’re SO adorable. My girls literally played with these for hours. The Sweet Treat Compact is shaped like a cupcake and comes with a cafe world and sweet treats, as well as a scooter, microphone and a few other things.

The Flamingo Floatie compact is a paradise full of fun. It includes flamingo floaties for the dolls, a pool, stickers, and some secret fun stuff too! When the compact is closed it looks like a flamingo floatie too!

We also got Skate Rockin Polly and Karaoke Queen Shani; they are bigger than the Tiny compacts and the regular Compacts, so these are fun to play with on their own.

I can’t even begin to describe the excitement that my girls had when opening these. They love how they can take the dolls with us when we leave the house, and all the little accessories come with them too. Good things come in small packages and Polly Pocket definitely follows along with this. It’s so exciting to know that my girls get to enjoy these just as much as my friends and I did when we were young kids as well.

All of the above Polly Pocket items are available at a Walmart near you, or at You can Add-to-cart with this link.

If you have kids, I’d definitely check these out for your kiddos (and you too), as they will LOVE them. They’re available at Walmart, and there are more products to choose from than what we received. These are great for Christmas!

Did you have Polly Pockets as a child? Will you purchase for your child?