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Product Review and Giveaway: Udder Covers Gift Set with $35 gift code

 Udder Covers sent me a gift set to review. The gift set includes a Milk Bands nursing bracelet and 2 pairs 100% cotton breast pads by Udder Covers as well as one of their nursing covers. These products are great and perfect for the breastfeeding mother.

The cover is thin, but a great quality, when wearing it you can still see what you’re doing as well as keep eye contact with baby while he/she is nursing. I reviewed the black and white print, Porter. They have cute prints, but this was my favorite. It matches everything and isn’t flashy. We all know breastfeeding in public draws enough attention, I didn’t want to draw even more attention. The next strap is adjustable as well, which is great.
The breast pads are great, they are comfortable, on the larger size so they cover the whole breast, and they are flat, which means no pointy boobs!! We all know that look is not a good look!
The Milk Bands bracelet is something new I had never seen before, it’s a VERY great idea and great concept. It helps you keep track of the side you fed on last, as well as the time you fed! This is perfect for any new nursing mommy.
All in all, I believe this a great giftset. For my readers, I have something special for you all, a gift code/promotional code to use at Udder Covers, you will get $35.00 off of any order.
The code is EverythingMommyhood you can just use that at checkout and it will take $35.00 off your order!!! We also are having a giveaway, but it’s in a group posting, A Nursing Mommy giveaway. Here’s the Nursing Mommy Giveaway post if you’d rather enter there or you can enter below!! If you have any questions or need help submitting the code please let me know. The code will be good for 90 days after the date of this post!!
I’m adding on the rafflecopter form to enter the My Four Littles Nursing Mommy Giveaway that has this Udder Covers prize in it. Make sure you enter to win. Giveaway ends on 2/15/13.
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Brittany Howell

Wednesday 16th of January 2013

The nursing cover!