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Product Review and Upcoming Giveaway: KidzGear Headphone Set

I’m so glad I got to review the KidzGear Headphone Set. I get tired of hearing Dora blare so loudly on my 4 year old’s Leapster or the DVD player in the car. These work perfect to keep things quiet!

 The KidzGear headphone set is great quality, very durable, and most importantly, they are VERY comfortable. The ear pieces are heavily padded, which is good because we all know how little kids will complain over the smallest thing.
 I love the bag it came with to keep the headphones safe, and it also came with a splitter cable so you can hook up two pairs of headphones to one device!
The other great thing about these headphones is they are volume limiting, meaning they can’t be turned up obnoxiously loud or hurt little ones ears!
Headphones are usually hard to find in kids size, most are adult size, so when I heard about these I was really excited. They fit my 15 month old and my 4 year old’s head perfectly. 
They come in great colors too, Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange.

You can purchase these from their website or at Amazon for only $19.99. I will be having a giveaway that will be starting on 2/15-3/15 as these will be in our Preschooler Prize Pack, so stay tuned if you’d like to win!