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Product Review: Fisher Price Happy Days and Nights Diapers

I recently purchased a box of these diapers to try. I got them on amazon for $5 for the entire box using coupon codes and my Amazon Mom membership. These are the ones I got. I ordered the size 4s going by the chart. She typically wears a 5, but when they got here, they were the perfect size.

The thing I thought was very cool with them is you get diapers for days AND nights in the box. They are adorable, they have little animals on them. The night time diapers are a light blue in color with a sleeping turtle on the front. They are soft to the touch and are unscented.
The best thing about them is that they work and don’t leak! I also like when you put them on, it shows that they fit if the tabs only touch the green area on the diaper. If not you either need a smaller or bigger size, and I thought that was a great feature.
The only problem I found with them was the nighttime ones, when my daughter would get up the next morning the diaper would sag so bad that it would eventually rip open on one side just a few minutes after her being awake. Obviously the day time ones might do that too, but she didn’t wear those over night. It doesn’t stop me from using them though since it’s right after she gets up and I am changing her anyways.
All in all they are highly recommended!! I give 3.5 out of 5 stars.