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Product Review: Tide Stain Release

This is only my second product review on my blog and it just so happens to be another laundry product, I totally didn’t mean to do that on purpose! I bought a bag of these the other day, there were 10 in a bag for $3.99, but I had a $3 off coupon, so I scored them for only 99cents! Anyways, I have been SUPER behind on laundry and had been only washing hubby’s clothes and what was needed and throwing Delilah’s clothes to the back. Therefore there were plenty of stains set in that I knew most wouldn’t come out with just laundry soap alone. I threw in one of theses in-wash booster packets with the soap (Purex Sheets of course), and the plastic part disintegrated and left all of the laundry stain free!! Not only that, they smelled amazing! I definitely recommend having these on hand…you don’t have to pre-treat any clothing if you have these! This product gets two-thumbs up from me!

Disclosure: I purchased this product on my own. All opinions are that of my own and were not influenced in any way.


Saturday 17th of April 2010

Cool! I was wondering how they work. I think I have a sample/coupon coming my way and I can't wait to try them! :)My only worry is my sensitive skinned DH. I can only use free and clear stuff with him. Do you think it would be a BIG deal?