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Recipe: Easy Stuffed Shells

Easy Stuffed Shells

1 package of cream cheese
1 lb. mozzarella cheese
1 egg
Jar of Spaghetti Sauce
1 box of large pasta shells
2 Tbsp of garlic cloves (minced)
Salt & Pepper

First of all I make this ahead of time, and either freeze it or put it in the fridge for the next night.
Mix together cheese, egg, s & p, and garlic.
Fill uncooked pasta shells with cheese mixture.
Place them in a cake pan (9X13) and pour spaghetti sauce over top.

The only reason I make it ahead of time is because I don’t cook the noodles, and when they sit in the sauce overnight they soften up a bit, and they are easier to fill when they are uncooked.
When you are ready to cook, preheat the oven to 350F. Once oven reaches temp, cover the dish and bake for approximately 30 min. Uncover and top with more mozzarella, parmesan, and parsley, cook until cheese is melted.
I am sure you could use ricotta in this too, but I don’t just because it’s more expensive and I don’t care for ricotta much.

Linda Manns Linneman

Tuesday 23rd of February 2016

I love stuffed shells. These will make a great meal at my house. Thank you so much for sharing


Saturday 12th of July 2014

Yum!! These are great, fast and easy to make, wonderful. Thank you for sharing this recipe.


Wednesday 26th of February 2014

This sounds so good and I had never thought about using cream cheese. And vegetarian. I love vegetarian recipes since I am one.

Michelle F.

Saturday 21st of December 2013

yummy! love that you added cream cheese.

Erin K.

Saturday 14th of December 2013

This seems so easy. I could make this during a hectic week night and still be very satisfied. This would be just as good as lasagna (which takes forever to make).