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Review: Purex Complete Crystals Softener

I recently got a package from Purex that I am a blogger/insider for and it contained a new product, Purex Complete Crystals Fabric Softener. I have to say I was definitely intrigued by the product since all I have ever known is liquid softener and not crystals. When I first opened the bottle, I could not believe the smell, it was AMAZING and I couldn’t wait to wash a load of laundry with it. The scent I have is Fresh Spring Waters, and it made our sheets smell absolutely wonderful. I can see that the smell will last a lot longer than just a few days compared to other products, this is sure to last for a week or so.

The main thing I really love about this product is it doesn’t contain ANY oil. Liquid fabric softeners contain an oil that coats your clothing, towels, etc. This makes your clothing not absorb water, soap, or anything very well. You can also use this product in any type of washer and you add it at the beginning of your wash load, so you don’t have to use any of those messy softener dispensers or wait for the rinse cycle, just toss it right in. It’s that simple! The product is 92% natural.

The fact that the product doesn’t contain any oil is one of the best reasons to purchase this product if you have children. Children’s pajamas have a special coating on them to make them flame retardant, once washed with regular liquid oil based fabric softeners they may not be flame retardant anymore. Purex Complete Crystals Softeners is the first major fabric softener that is 100% safe to use on pajamas and it doesn’t weaken the flame retardant qualities.

I highly recommend giving this product a try, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The smell, convenience and the positive points this product has is definitely reason enough to purchase it. Check out more information for this product at Purex.