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Review: Send Out Cards

I recently was contacted by a girl I went to school with and she asked me to review a product that her and her brother recently started. They have a website that allows you to pick a card, personalize it, and then it actually gets mailed snail mail to whoever you choose. I got the chance to send one to my husband, just so I could see it after. I have to say I was VERY impressed. This is a GREAT idea. First off, it’s only $2.99. That is cheaper than most cards at the store, plus you don’t have to spend time going to the store and picking one out, or a stamp to mail it. The website also allows you to add a giftcard to the card if you would like as well. There is Starbucks, Target, Barnes and Noble, Jamba Juice, Macys, and even an American Express gift cards, just to name a few! They also have other gifts as well.
As for the card itself, it was of good quality, not just some generic printed card. The signature I typed in myself for the bottom of the card looked like I actually wrote it too. They have TONS of options for cards, Happy Birthday, Baby Shower, Love, Mothers Day, Sympathy, Get Well, etc.
I know I will for sure be using this service in the future! Just click here for the site, and check it out. Once you get there click on the “Send card for $2.99” and you can look at them all.