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Shopping for Men

My husband’s birthday is in 5 short days and I can not begin to explain how difficult it is to shop for him. He has every thing!! I did buy him a few things already, things he needs..which I don’t know if he reads my blog or not, so I won’t post here what I did buy him. For once, I would just like to buy him something fun, something he would enjoy and be able to use every day….something without it being clothes, or something he needs. Men are always difficult to buy for…Fathers, Grandfathers, Father-in-laws, Uncles, Cousin…they are not easy to shop for. Why is it men always get off easily?? They have us women to buy for…just buy us clothes, or shoes, something for the kitchen, a  gift card…we will be extremely happy and not ask for another thing! (For a couple days at least!)
I have looked on websites for “Gifts for Men”, “Top Gifts of 2009”, “Gifts for Geeks”, everything, and I swear he has everything or wouldn’t want some of the silly things out there. (If you didn’t know, my husband is sort of a nerd…which so am I, so we get along great.)
If anyone has any ideas, please let me know soon!