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My Review of the SONGMICS 6-Tier Wire Shelving Unit Plus 6 Smart Ways to Use It

I’ve been on a mission lately to get my whole house organized. It’s a slow process but it’s coming along. The thing is, with 7 kids, you can just never have enough storage items!

I recently received the SONGMICS 6-Tier Wire Shelving Unit and I’m so excited about all the possibilities it has for storage in our home. I only have one, for now, but I plan to get more!

If you need more storage at your home, I’m here today to share my review of this unit and ways you can utilize a SONGMICS 6-Tier Wire Shelving Unit in your own home.

Review of the SONGMICS 6-Tier Wire Shelving Unit

the songmics 6-tier shelving unit with a text overlay that says, "SONGMICS 6-tier wire shelving unit review".

The first thing you’ll have to do when it arrives is assemble the unit. You can assemble it as one tall unit or two shorter units. I am trying to maximize wall and floor space so I set it up as just one unit.

The instructions for assembling the unit were clear and easy to follow. The only tool you’ll need is a hammer or mallet to help push the shelves into place. It took my about 20 minutes to have it fully assembled.

It looks great once fully assembled! I love that there are sturdy shelf liners included plus 8 hooks for hanging things on the sides. The shelves are also adjustable so you can make them spaced just how you need.

6 Ways to Use the SONGMICS 6-Tier Wire Shelving Unit

I’ve gotta admit that I really debated on how to use this shelving unit in our home. There are SO many places I could use it right now.

a 6 tier wire shelving unit with a text overlay that says, "6 smart ways to use a wire shelving unit".

A Place to Start Seeds

In the end, I decided that initially, I would use it as a place to start my seedlings for the garden. Last year I had to set up a big folding table in our dining room and it took up too much room.

This shelf is perfect because it doesn’t take up too much space in our dining room (the room that gets the best sunlight for growing seedlings). I have started hanging my spray bottle for watering from one of these hooks on the side. They are great for hanging plant baskets too though.

containers for starting seeds sitting on a wire shelf.

I love it so much. It has SO much room that I can even add more seedlings.

songmics 6-tier wire shelving unit holding plants and plant seedlings.

Garage Storage

Once I am ready to plant the seedlings in the garden, the shelving unit is headed to our garage. My husband was watching me as I set it up and commented about how helpful it would be to him in our garage.

He’s right, we definitely need more storage shelves out there. It will be nice for him to have a place to store his hand tools out there. He loves the hooks on the side because he’s going to use them to hold things like rope and his extension cords.

Kitchen Storage

So many kitchens these days lack in adequate storage space. This unit is especially helpful for storing things like your Instant Pot, Crock Pot, and other gadgets like that, plus it’s also a great place for pots and pans.

Pantry Storage

If I wasn’t giving my husband this unit to use in our garage, my next spot for it would have been in our storage room for pantry overflow storage. We do have a small pantry but it doesn’t offer extra room for stocking up on items.

With 7 kids and the price of groceries lately, it’s so important to our food budget that I’m buying things in bulk and buying extra when things are on sale.

I am strongly considering using some of our tax refund to purchase two more of these shelves for this very purpose.

Laundry Room Storage

This shelf is the perfect place for storing laundry detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, your iron, and all the other things you store in your laundry room.

Mud Room/Utility Room Storage

Do you have a place for boot and shoe storage? What about extra sheets and blanket storage? Where do you store things like extra lightbulbs, tableclothes, batteries, flashlights, fire extinguisher, etc.

This shelf is PERFECT for all of those “extras” that need a home. You can store them directly on the shelf of get bins to store them in.

What would YOU store on this shelf? You can purchase it on the SONGMICS website.


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