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Stactiles – A Fun Edition to Building Blocks

My girls both love to build LEGO sets and there are always LEGOS in the house for them to use.  I want them to build and create, and I’m always looking for new ideas for using our loose bricks. This is why I’m so happy to introduce you to Stactiles.

My friend Hayley agrees that LEGO is some of the most creative materials available to children but found there needed to be a new way to encourage them to build on their own. She has created The Stactile Company, a middle ground between written instructions and free building.  

Following steps when building a set can discourage experimentation and sometimes be overwhelming, and free building allows for endless possibilities, but sometimes children need help to realize their creative vision. Stactiles allow children to work off a basic outline; eliminating details so that they can realize their own creative potential.  

Beyond creating and decorating, you can also work on pattern and color recognition and fine motor skills.  Decorate one half of the butterfly and encourage your child to recreate the pattern on the other wing, build up and create a 3D dinosaur or have them count the number of LEGOS used in each creation!

In addition to Stactiles, they are also developing instruction-free tactile based products suitable for all users, including children with vision impairments and other special needs.

Connect with The Stactile Company

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Buy It + A Promo Code

Stactiles that are currently available are the Butterfly and Dinosaur for $14.99 each.
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What do you think of this new inventive product for your kids?

Tamra Phelps

Sunday 17th of March 2019

This sounds like a really great idea. I like the idea of allowing more creativity in building.


Wednesday 13th of March 2019

Ohh these are so cute, I love them, and I think kids would, too! It would be fun to make the butterflies!