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Subscription Box Review: Babba Co Box – Shake It – and Coupon Code

I am in love with subscription boxes lately. They are a little surprise every month for a small price.
The price you pay also includes shipping, so there aren’t any hidden fees.
We recently reviewed the Babba Co Box and my 4 year old absolutely loved it!
Have you heard of the Babba Box?
It’s a monthly subscription activity box for children ages 3-7.
They have several different subscription box prices that you can sign up for!
We received the Shake It Box Theme and my girls LOVED it, which is another reason I love Babba Co. There’s enough to do for more than just one child.
Included in our box was paint your own Maracas, make your own tambourine, a book, music cd w/a cute dancing rag to dance around with, and some coloring sheets.
I love how they include detailed instructions for each activity, here’s the tambourine activity:
The box components focus on 4 major components, which is great for any child:
Story Tell
Babba Co is one of the more affordable boxes I have reviewed and I love how they include everything you need to do the crafts. If you’d like to receive $10 off your first box use my coupon code link HERE which can make your first box as low as $12.