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Suspect Your Child Is Using Drugs?

PillsThis is a topic that’s super important to me, especially as a mom. I grew up watching my sister abuse drugs from a very young age, so I know a lot of the signs to look out for when my children start to get older. Drugs are out there every where it seems these days, from street drugs to even your medicine cabinets. Unfortunately children, yes children, are discovering new ways to use drugs or even new ways to find drugs. Here are some important tips to remember!

Finding out the Truth about a Child’s Drug Use

Drugs are prevalent in today’s society in the work environment and at schools with both adults and children. Parents must remain vigilant to ensure their child is not using drugs that lead to lifelong addictions or death. Drug users are excellent at hiding the signs that make a habit obvious to their parents. Just like drug-addicted adults, they will find ways to hide the evidence and lie when asked questions. If a parent suspects a child is using drugs, then hiring a private investigation service is an excellent option to find out the truth. Finding an investigative team is easy by looking online for local companies that provide this service.

Tracking a Teenager’s Activities 

Private investigators provide an assortment of services for clients such as tracking a teenager’s illegal activities at school or a job. While many parents might think this is an extreme measure or an invasion of privacy, the reality is that it may save a child’s life. Private investigators are experts at staying hidden while following someone to determine what they are doing. In addition, an investigator often knows how to learn information about a child from neighbors or friends. People have hired investigators for years to find out about errant spouses during divorces. Now parents are also hiring private investigators to follow their children to stop illegal drug use before an arrest or medical emergency occurs.

Looking for Suspicious Behavior

Any parent seeing suspicious behavior with a child has a right to know what is happening. Parents are legally responsible for their child until they are at least 18 and should know where they are at all times. A parent will notice signs of drug use with their child before resorting to hiring an undercover detective. A teenager may begin to get in trouble at school with bad behavior or poor grades. Teenagers might sneak around at night to parties without getting their parent’s permission. A drug-addicted child may begin hanging around with a wild group of friends after school or on weekends.

The Best Way to Help a Child

Parents may also notice money missing from their wallets that a teenager is stealing for drugs. Many parents will buy drug-testing kits to determine if a child is smoking marijuana or injecting narcotics. Testing urine, hair or saliva samples is an important way to determine if someone is using illegal drugs, but teenagers often know how to avoid being caught. After hiring an investigator, they will begin surveillance of a teenager using devices such as tape recorders and video cameras. Investigators have access to modern technology in order to listen to cell phone conversations or hide cameras in a teenager’s bedroom. Of course, the private investigator provides any evidence of drug activity such as photographs and videos to parents immediately. This means a parent can seek fast intervention at a rehabilitation facility for their child’s drug addiction.

Terri S

Thursday 19th of June 2014

Very informative post. Thank you for sharing this.


Saturday 1st of March 2014

My landlord"s adult adopted daughter has a history of drug and alcohol abuse and today she threatened to do physical violence to someone, she went so far as to hurl herself at that person and had to be physically restrained. As long as I have known her this has been her behavior, so there is no "change in behavior" to speak of. I don't know if there was ever a time when she was not uncontrollably angry and violent, and threatening other people with physical violence, she obviously needs professional help.

Laura Brewer

Thursday 27th of February 2014

Well, I must say I never thought about a PI LOL LOL. I can spot it easily. and the lies dont hold up with me lol


Monday 24th of February 2014

This is a very interesting post, I agree that parents are responsible for the behavior of their child. For some reason some parents think that they are not responsible, they blame the school or other relations for the bad behavior of their child. Thank you for this very informative post.