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The biggest store EVER

Saturday my mom and I headed out to do some more shopping for her bedroom makeover..we ended up going to IKEA in Tampa…it is seriously the biggest store I have ever been to in my life. We spent almost 3 hours looking at every single “room” and everything they had to offer. Delilah did very well until the last bit and I enjoyed her first public temper tantrum ever, that’s loaded with LOTS of sarcasm. I found tons of things I want to buy, and ideas for when we move into our new place! I just absolutely love all of the modern furniture and textiles they have to offer. The colors of everything is so bright and cheery!
Note to self: do not let mom buy a huge entertainment center and attempt to pick it up and put it on the cart and in my SUV myself…I did it…but then couldn’t get it out once we got home, so I called the hubby! He didn’t know how I got it onto the cart or in the car by myself either as I am sure it weighed close to 200lbs+…LOL