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Attached Parenting Versus Traditional Parenting and more. Touchy Subjects!

You know, I really hate talking about touchy subjects because people have such different views on them, whether it be breast feeding or formula feeding, non-vaxing or vaxing, cry it out or non cry it out, forward facing and extended rear facing. I am one of those mothers who likes to be educated about every option I have for my child, and I like to not be looked down upon for whatever my choice is. I will also do the same for you. I formula fed my first child, simply because my milk never came in, and honestly breastfeeding was weird to me. I never had any information on it, I had never seen anyone do it, but with our next child I am jumping in with both feet. I have done my research and I plan on doing everything I can to breastfeed my next child.
Now, when it comes to car seat safety, I am very passionate about it. I will NEVER force my opinions on you or try to pressure you…but I do think parents need to be informed. A couple months back one of my “friends” posted that they were forward facing their 11 month old who JUST weighed 20lbs. I emailed her and I nicely told her that the law was 1 year AND 20 lbs, and that the new recommendation from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) was 2 years OR when they outgrew the seat rear facing which is usually around 35 lbs and height is their head has to be within 1 inch of the shell height.
She proceeded to tell me that she knows what she is talking about because she has two kids, and I have one. (Insert confused look, along with steaming mad here) She also said that her child’s legs were cramped and you are supposed to turn them around when their legs touch the seat back. This is not correct information and she obviously didn’t do her research.
Anyways, I didn’t say anything more and I deleted so called friend from my facebook, simply because I wanted to share more information, but that person didn’t want to hear of it, and I didn’t want a friendship with someone who couldn’t trust what their friend said.
Here we are months later and I receive an email, “Did you remove me from your friends list?” I replied with yes and told her why. She called me immature and told me that she did research her information and that she is correct, and I am wrong.
I know that giving information out is hit or miss with people, but she is the first person who has ever got mad at me and hasn’t thanked me for saving their child’s life. I try my best to offer any information I can to someone if they appear to not know something, and I would really hope that someone would do the same to me; Especially when it comes to my child’s safety and well being.
Further more, I just want people to be educated on topics, what you do is up to you, and I will NOT judge you for what choice you make…that’s part of mommyhood, and we are ALL different.
Unfortunately for us, I had to turn my daughter forward facing sooner than I would have liked, simply because she was getting car sick and throwing up from riding backwards. I will do everything I can to rear face my next child to at least 2 years old.

If you do not have the information on car seat safety, here is some:
-Toddlers should remain rear-facing in a convertible car seat until they have reached the maximum height and weight recommended for the model, or at least the age of 2.
-Ensure that the harness is snug as a hug and that the harness clip is positioned at the mid-chest or armpit level.
-Make sure the car seat is installed correctly, with either LATCH or a seatbelt, not both. It should move no more than 1 inch side to side for a tight install.
-NEVER use any aftermarket products made for car seats. Whether it’s a mirror, shoulder pads, car seat protector mat, etc.
-During cold weather a infant or toddler should only wear a thin fleece jacket to insure that the straps are tight enough. You can cover the child with blankets to keep him/her warm.
-If you are forward facing your child, make sure the seat is tethered with the forward facing tether strap.
-If for any reason you have problems installing your child’s infant or convertible seat, ask for help. There are tons of resources online and there are also Child Passenger Safety Techs (CPST’s), visit your local fire station for more info.