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My husband and I have decided we are going to TTC (Try to conceive) #2 in September. The thing that scares me is what I went through last year after I had Delilah. It didn’t set in for a month or so, but I had PPD (Post-partum depression). It took me months to finally go and see a psychiatrist. I was put on depression and anxiety medications. After taking them for about 6 months I realized I wasn’t “me”. I was having crazy dreams, dreams about people harming my family and myself. They were so real to the point they would bother me all day long, and they seemed real. I ended up weaning myself off my medication and just stopped going to the psychiatrist. The first year after having Delilah was rough, with ups and downs, lots of crying, sadness, etc..when I should have been my happiest. I have it all. I have a husband who works hard to support our family, who pushes himself to do better, gives us shelter, puts food on the table, buys us things we want, and to make more money just so I can stay home. First time around I believe I was in denial that anything was wrong with me…I think this time as soon as I see the first sign of PPD, I will be booking an appointment and not be ashamed to do so. I need to be the best mom I can be for Delilah, baby #2, and the best wife I can be to Tim.

Janine Marie

Tuesday 25th of May 2010

I can't believe that you battled PPD, too :-( Talk about THE HARDEST BATTLE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. Sometimes, I feel like it still lingers. However, things are better... and somehow, those little smiles make things much better. Good luck with baby #2 :-)


Tuesday 25th of May 2010

Thanks Janine, yes it was a VERY difficult time. I didn't understand it, and I was ashamed. I didn't want to get out of bed, or do anything. I didn't want ANYONE touching my baby except me. It was terrible...I am so sorry you went through it too.