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Two Must Haves for Your New Baby #IC #LittleRemedies

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When I had my first baby, she was always so good until she got gas. Before I figured out what the problem was, she was whining and crying often, but only after she ate. After a few days of dealing with this, I headed to the drug store to find SOMETHING that would make my baby feel better. ANYTHING. I was willing to try anything and everything. This is when I discovered Little Remedies®.


I purchased Little Remedies® Gripe Water and Little Remedies® Gas Relief Drops, and let me tell you they were a God send for my little snuggle bunny. She went from being a screaming, whining, crying baby to a sweetheart 24 hours a day. As a parent, all we want is our children to be happy and not in pain. Little Remedies® Gas Relief Drops and Gripe Water took care of that for me. Not only are they great for babies, but I actually still use them for my toddler now. They are fantastic products.

Here’s some great Tricks and Tips for a gassy baby!


Little Remedies® Gas Relief Drops works in just minutes.


– Gluten Free and dye free.
– Yummy natural berry flavor
– No alcohol, saccharin, or preservatives.
– Can be mixed with water, formula, or other suitable liquids.
– Relieves excess gas from food or swallowing air.

Little Remedies® Gripe Water is another must use product.

gripe water

– Safe & gentle formula for baby
– Paraben, gluten, and alcohol free.
– Relieves discomfort from hiccups and colic.

Little Remedies® has your child in mind. They do not use artificial flavors or alcohol, they also try to use the fewest and most natural ingredients they can. They have the philosophy that less is more, which is great!

If you haven’t checked out Little Remedies® products, you must. Little Remedies® Gripe Water and Gas Relief Drops are two must haves for your new baby!

Everything they need. Nothing they don’t.®

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Do you have any tips and tricks for a gassy baby?

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Linda Manns Linneman

Wednesday 29th of July 2015

I have seen these products but have never had tried them. They sound like a God send. Thank you so much for sharing


Wednesday 29th of July 2015

These sound like good, safe products to help with colic. It's heartbreaking hearing a new born scream from tummy pain. They're little systems go through quite a bit adjusting to formula after being inside mommy for nine months.


Tuesday 28th of July 2015

What a great and simple idea! I love the nam, Gripe Water!!!


Monday 27th of July 2015

These are great tips for a gassy baby, thank you for sharing this.